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Finding it hard to transition back to dining out? Here’s an easy option

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We see you there, tucked away at home in your trusted trackies that are stretched to within an inch of their life.

Maybe they were clean when you put them on this morning, maybe they weren’t—home is a blissful judgement-free zone.

As we all emerge from our lockdown bubbles, we’re slowly easing back into some semblance of normal life. But we know how hard it can be to get out and about, when home is just oh-so-comfortable. You can pretty much have anything delivered to your door these days. And by now, you’ve probably got your favourite eateries on speed dial, or easily lined up on your app of choice.

But, remember how good it was to go out and dine somewhere that isn’t your dining table/couch? Somewhere where the food reaches you, nicely presented, freshly made and piping hot? A place where someone else will not only cook for you, but also clean up after you at the other end?

If you need a little assistance to coax yourself out and about, there’s one place that works as a great stepping stone: Westfield Woden.

For a start, the thought of having to fight for a carpark is enough to put anyone off. Westfield Woden has ample parking, with various carpark options, so there’s somewhere to leave the car that’s super convenient to wherever you want to go. Their parking system uses number plate recognition, so you don’t even need to remember where you put your ticket.

Parking is free for two hours, which is enough time to fit in a delicious meal. (Hot tip: if you download the Westfield Plus App you get an extra hour parking for free, plus free parking after 6 pm).


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Getting yourself there is one thing, but choosing what to eat can be quite another. Westfield Woden has more than 40 cafes and restaurants to choose from, with great family-friendly options, vegan selections, local cafes, great coffee and desserts, plus pub food.


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You can choose to dig into schnitties at The Bavarian, burgers at Grill’d, or sushi at Sushi Musa. Keep everyone in the family happy, and their bellies full, at Rashays. Share in some dumplings at Dumpling Social, a Chinese banquet at Chinese Kitchen Dumpling House.

Linger over a cocktail and a pub meal at Fenway Public House. Or settle in for traditional international flavours at Turkish Pide House, Vietnam House, or Flavours of India.

If you and your fellow diners can’t all agree on a shared cuisine, you can always divide and conquer, and each head to your chosen eatery, and meet back at the car afterwards. (If you’ve been living with them for the past couple of months, you may even enjoy a bit of space.)

From October 29, HOYTS Woden will also recommence screenings, so you can combine a meal with a movie (and score yourself four hours free cinema parking while you’re at it).

Obviously, dining out these days looks a little different than it did in days of yore, and there are still restrictions in place to keep everyone safe. All restaurants and cafes at Westfield Woden are open for customers to dine in, with a maximum capacity of 25 people or one person per four square metres, whichever is less.

Everyone still needs to wear masks and practice social distancing, plus check in on arrival with the Check In CBR App. Some eateries may also require bookings, so best to check directly with your chosen venue before you go.

But as for the food, it all tastes just as good as it did before. Perhaps even better—absence does make the heart grow fonder, and potentially the taste buds grow more appreciative.

So that takes most of the hard work out of going out. Now you just need to remember where you put your appropriate-for-outside clothes again.


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