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First Look: Spilt Milk Bar Canberra

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When the HerCanberra Team and I went on a recent trip to Orange, NSW, something caught my eye as we walked down the main street.

A long line snaked from a colourful building where neon signs beckoned.

“What on earth is that?” I asked aloud. We wandered closer. The answer becoming clear as soon as we realised it was 4 pm on a Friday afternoon and most of the line was kids in school uniform.

They were queuing for ice cream—Spilt Milk Bar gelato, to be exact.

Why am I telling you about a gelato shop in Orange, you might ask? Because Spilt Milk is coming to you, Canberra.

In early November, Spilt Milk Bar will open its very first ACT store in Dickson’s Cape Street and the team can’t wait to bring their signature “cow to cone” ethos to Canberra.

“We are very community spirited and our product is driven by local produce wherever possible,” says Spilt Milk Bar founder Andrew Hamilton.

“The product is made daily on-site from scratch and is extremely fresh and seasonal.”

Andrew is also excited to collaborate with Canberran makers.

“We are excited to become a part of the Canberra foodie scene and already commencing our collaborations with the likes of The Mills Bakery and a few other surprises which will be announced once we open.”

Spilt Milk Bar’s flavours range from Granny Annie’s Lemon Curd to Greek yoghurt with berry jam—and many more traditional favourites, naturally.

“Our brand is driven with a very Australian theme of the age-old corner store, milk bar concept—a fun place for all to hang out with cool tunes, lighting and atmosphere to match throughout the various times of the day and night.”

Such a fun place to hang out, in fact, that the brand just scooped a Good Design Award from Good Design Award Australia.

As for who can be found at Spilt Milk Bar, Andrew says the door is open to all: “Grandparents, school children, dinners, late-night movers, and home delivery revilers getting there fix.”

Andrew is also excited to launch Spilt Milk’s free delivery service, which brings fresh gelato straight to your door.

Andrew Hamilton with business partner Sarah Quigley.

As for why Dickson, Andrew speaks to the suburb’s pre-existing community of food lovers and reputation as a dining destination.

“We also feel Dickson is really on the move with some innovative concepts been introduced to the area,” he adds.

“I have been coming to Canberra for some 30 years now as my sister and her family have lived there for most of my lifetime and we all love the city.”



What: Spilt Milk Bar
When: Opening November 2020
Where: Cape Street, Dickson
Instagram: @spiltmilkbar
Website: spiltmilkbar.com

Photography: James Green

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