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Review – Legally Blonde: an all-American love story in pink

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Mikayla Williams plays Elle Woods in Legally Blonde, The Musical

Mikayla Williams plays Elle Woods in Legally Blonde, The Musical

Legally Blonde the Musical: Girl loves boy. Girl studies fashion. Boy leaves girl to go to Harvard and breaks up with girl. Girl decides to get into Harvard to win him back (because that is so easy to do). Girl always wears pink, gets judged by all, but turns out to be smarter than all the rest of them. It’s your all American love story in pink.

In fact there was so much pink I thought I was in a fairy floss machine. Meanwhile the energy level of the super talented cast was so high I thought they were all bouncing balls of gum.

But seriously, Free-Rain’s production of Legally Blonde is extremely fun, sentimental and humorous. Jenna Roberts was outrageously funny and by far the most outstanding actor on stage playing salon owner Paulette. Mikayla Williams won over the audience by displaying her extensive voice and her triple threat dancing/singing/acting talents as lead Elle Woods.

The entire cast didn’t miss a beat on those ‘all American’ show tunes and impressive dance numbers throughout. Brian Kavanagh played an impressively arrogant law professor and Dave Evans did a solid job of portraying the likeable new love interest character of Emmett.

The detail of work shone through in the brilliance of the ensemble. Each member of the cast appeared to be a triple threat in their own right. The detail that they brought to each scene made even the smallest moments interesting to watch.

It can be hard to make this particular reviewer laugh. But between Robert’s trailer park salon owner character and the girls that play the Greek chorus inside Elle’s head, there were many moments where it was very funny.

Fiona Leach was in charge of costumes. This was perhaps the biggest job in the entire crew as there seemed to be a costume change, for the entire cast, approximately every three minutes. Actually the costumes were very well done, from the several cheer leading outfits to the boring Harvard student garb, the costumes were spot on.  However, there were so many changes that it started to become distracting. Still, Leach deserves some kind of award for the sheer number and quality of the costumes.

Tech seemed to run without a hitch and sound was good, so be assured that any technical issues that were earlier reported have been resolved.

Get along to see this fresh and bubbly show with lots of Canberra talent. The singing is flawless, the dancing is impressive and it is just a really fun show.

the essentials

What: Legally Blonde
When: From Friday 4 to Sunday 27 July 2014
Where: ANU Arts Centre
Tickets: $39 to $59.50 from Canberra Ticketing

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