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2017’s new places to eat + drink

Since January, around 70 restaurants, cafés and bars have opened around Canberra. And while we’re not sure to be excited or alarmed, as a community service we’ve compiled them all here. The Lists The latest places to eat in Canberra. 20+ new places to eat 10 new places to eat Eight new places to eat […]

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First taste: native-Australian x Chinese menu at Natural Nine.  

We turned up dressed to the nines, we ate for the sixes and sipped on number one wine.   Earlier in the year, Natural Nine switched up their menu to Pop Chinese, a term they dubbed to denote their modern take on traditional Chinese cookery. Now they’re switching up their Asian heritage even further, with the incorporation of native-Australian ingredients.   […]

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mookie concrete

First Taste: Mookie

We’ve been incredibly excited to get our hands on Mookie’s Americano-Japanese fare since we chatted to owner Jaye Min back in July.  And now Mookie is open—and we had the first taste. Firstly, however, a word about the interior. If you’ve read our First Look piece, you’ll remember that Jaye wanted the interior to look more like […]

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Review: Breakfast at The Duxton

Canberra is spoilt for breakfast options. With a new place popping up every five minutes, it’s hard to know where to get consistently good food, decent serving sizes, and a price that won’t have you seeing red (especially if you’re an avid avocado toast fan—and who isn’t?). Well, this makes it easy… The Duxton at […]

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Review: Darbar

Lonsdale Street in Braddon has the reputation of being one of Canberra’s favourite foodie strips. But there’s one place along there that you may not have heard of—and that means you’ve been missing out. I’m talking about Darbar, an Indian restaurant tucked away in the Mode 3 building. I’d heard about Darbar from a friend […]

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Braddon’s latest foodie catch

Something fishy is going on in Lonsdale Street, Braddon. And we have trawled our contacts and cast out our nets in order to hook you a scoop. OK, enough with the fishing analogies. Yes, it’s a fish and chip shop. That much was obvious from the hoardings outside. But this new venture – the brainchild […]

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Your guide to Canberra’s newest places to eat

We get it. With so many new places to eat opening in Canberra, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed. So we’ve compiled our articles on the newest places to check out AND our reviews of the ones we’ve managed to get around to so far, so that you know what to expect. There’s sure to be something that […]

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Kokomo’s serving up tropical treats

Kokomo’s is ambitious. From its size (it can hold up to 450) to its theme of bringing the tropics to Canberra – this place can’t be categorised as a restaurant, bar or club. It’s a mix of all three. And the recent announcement that the Harrington brothers have managed to secure eighties icon and The […]

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Pulp kitchen

Pulp Kitchen’s second coming

Welcome back Pulp Kitchen! You’ve been missed. And now that we can have a good look at you, we see you have had some subtle work done. You look fresher and more beautiful than before. But you are still a familiar face. And that is reassuring when you are a favourite haunt—and maybe a lesson […]

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First look: Sanya Bar

Canberra’s food scene has matured a lot over the past few years. But is it ready for a different take on Chinese food? This was the question JJ Chen asked herself before deciding to open Sanya Bar, Lonsdale Street’s newest resident. Like many of us, JJ was a public servant for a number of years. […]

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