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A Pilates training course from Muse Pilates is here to spice up your life

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Passionate about Pilates? It’s time to grab your dream job by the balance balls with a new flexible training course from the founder of Muse Pilates.

After all, Allana Ford knows the true power of how Pilates can change your life and how to blaze the way in business – and because she likes to keep life spicy, she’s launched a brand-new program to help others do the same, all without feeling the burn.

It’s time to sign up for Spicy Pilates, the hot new training program that will teach you everything you need to know about becoming a fully-fledged and qualified Pilates instructor, all from the comfort of your couch.

Hold my Stanely cup.

Turning five years of business learnings and passion for Pilates into a self-paced program for Pilates lovers who have attended a class and imagined themselves as the teacher rather than the client (we know you all do it) or anyone looking for a rewarding career in the fitness industry, Allana created Spicy Pilates to help people ditch the traditional nine-to-five and live their dream life – complete with cute matching workout sets, iced lattes, and hot girl walks during the day.

“The business of Pilates is incredibly rewarding, both personally and professionally. It’s a growing industry with plenty of opportunities for passionate individuals to succeed,” says Allana.

“I want to share this opportunity for a life of flexibility and fulfillment with others and give them the tools to thrive in an industry that’s rapidly growing every year. Starting the Spicy brand and sharing our course is just the first step in showing the community that you don’t need to follow the traditional path of university or TAFE to find yourself a well-paying job.”

Basically, the whole thrust of the concept (pun intended) is the course will give you the freedom and skills to create and run your own business.

“Pilates instructing is the way of the future and we’re saying goodbye and farewell to boring, soul-sucking jobs,” says Allana.

Covering everything you need to know – from Pilates principles to human anatomy and physiology and cueing, language, and class etiquette – what makes Spicy Pilates so hot is it’s more flexible than a Bring It On movie marathon.

Designed to be completely self-paced (so you can hit it when you feel hot and chill when you’re not) you’ll have full access to the Spicy Pilates course for six months, leaving you with the skills and knowledge to run your own studio or become a globe-trotting Pilates instructing nomad.

“Spicy Pilates offers a modern approach to Pilates training that is accessible, flexible, and focused on real-world application,” explains Allana.

“Our course is designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in the industry, without the need for a traditional university or TAFE education. We provide comprehensive training in reformer Pilates, along with business and marketing skills to help our students build successful careers as Pilates instructors.”

Allana Ford.

And just like the Muse Pilates ethos, Allana says at Spicy Pilates they believe there isn’t a certain ‘type’ of person that can be a Pilates instructor, so you don’t have to be a Pilates princess or health nut to get your certification.

“We believe ‘it’s not your ability to do it, it’s your ability to cue it’—meaning unlike other courses out there, we’re not assessing you on your ability to do a certain exercise, but your ability to teach a fun, engaging and safe class,”

“At Muse Pilates, our brand is built on an inclusive environment where every fitness level is welcome. We want this to reflect in our teaching staff as well, which is what sparked Spicy.”

Interested in wearing stretchy pants to work every day? Same.

Perfect for Pilates lovers, anyone who wants to break free from the corporate grind, people who are looking for a lucrative side hustle or school levers who aren’t sold on traditional paths, with Spicy Pilates you can choose to pay in full or pay in 4 with PayPal – so the only burn you feel is in your glutes, not in your wallet.

“I’m incredibly excited about the future of Spicy Pilates and the opportunities it will create for our students,” says Allana.

“Whether you’re looking to start a new career or find a well-paying side hustle, we’re here to help you achieve your goals.”

Talk about some hot news…

For more information visit spicypilates.com.

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Find the Terms and Conditions here.


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