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Pamper your pooch: Four Canberra dog-friendly services

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Looking for something outside the box when it comes to pampering your pooch?

There’s a lot of research to be done when looking for a dog groomer, a kennel, a particular product, or anything that is going to interact with your precious pup.

The task can be daunting, so I’ve done the research for you and have come up with some excellent Canberra based dog-friendly services that is sure to put a smile on your puppy’s dial!

Nikki Morris – Dog Grooming

When leaving your pampered pooch at the groomers you want to make sure that your baby is in good hands and that those doing the grooming know their breeds and what to expect.

This is definitely the case at Nikki Morris Dog Grooming. Located on the north side of Canberra and with education in animal behaviour, Nicki specialises in grooming furry friends that have double coats, such as Japanese and German Spitz, Samoyeds, and Shelties.

Double coats can be quite tricky to groom because they are designed to keep your puppy warm in winter and cool in summer, so any kind of shaving is actually very detrimental to the dog’s health and wellbeing. Luckily, Nikki knows just what to do when it comes to double coats (and other coats as well!) thanks to being an avid dog lover and owning her own Samoyed, and the dogs come out so relaxed you would think they’ve just spent an hour at a relaxing day spa.

Nikki Morris Dog Grooming | | 0403 563 829 

Peter Hollmann Pet Photography

I wrote about the excellent work of Peter Hollmann’s recently, and spoke about his current project of photographing dogs in beautiful Canberra locations to create a wonderful coffee table book. If you missed out on being a part of the book and still want to get photos of your pampered pooch taken, Peter Hollmann also provides excellent photo shoot opportunities and beautiful prints.

Each photo shoot runs for about two hours and takes place in a location around Canberra that Peter has already scouted out to suit your dog and its temperament. The poses for your dog are all natural and organic, so each photo captured is the pure essence of your pup’s spirit.

Peter Hollmann’s Pet Photography| |

Pups4Fun Dog Training, Grooming, Walking and Daycare

Going to work all day can wreak havoc if your dog happens to be a social little creature who gets bored often – generally resulting in chewed up furniture or your favourite pair of shoes. Pups4Fun are the solution that you need, offering day care services, daily excursions, grooming sessions and even behavioural walking lessons!

You can choose a few day care options, such as use of an in-house centre that includes high energy games and training sessions including obedience and impulse control, and even a lunchtime rest session with dimmed lights, aromatherapy fragrances and heaps of cuddles.

There is also an out-and-about option where the Pups4Fun crew will take your pooch on a structured daily pack walk in a variety of environments including dog parks, swimming holes, bushwalking and basic training. All activities are designed to suit your dog’s individual needs, and get it socialising and exposed to new and exciting environments!

Pups4Fun | | 02 6287 3955

Laurel Pet Lodge

Being separated from your furry baby is hard, whether it’s for travel, work or simply because you can’t bring them with you wherever you are going. At Laurel Pet Lodges they provide you with the peace of mind that you won’t have to worry at all.

This premium pet lodge take only a certain amount of dogs at a time so they always ensure that your pet is being looked after with a high level of care and social interaction, and their location on a 25 acre property just between Canberra and Goulburn means that there is plenty of space for exercise and safe adventures.

The Laurel Pet Lodge also provides comfortable pet studios to house your pooches in at night and play relaxing music to their four legged guests, as well as monitor all of their actions with live cameras. You will also get daily updates via the Laurel Pet Lodge Facebook page, making sure that you won’t miss a thing when it comes to your pet!

Laurel Pet Lodge | 1300 588 199 |

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