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Cheeky card game Go Bum connects philanthropy and family

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Father-and-son duo Evan and Levi Turner never thought their love of good, clean fun (and bum-themed humour) would become a part of a philanthropic cause.

But when Evan was looking for a creative activity for then seven-year-old Levi during the 2020 COVID lockdown, Go Bum was born—a cheeky version of Go Fish where you match different kinds of (family friendly) bums to win—and with it a hope to do something good in the world.

“We brainstormed lots of different kinds of bums that we could think of—like a stinky bum and a golden bum—and then we picked our favourites and drew them up. It was great getting to show him [Levi] some things about brainstorming and using the computer to make copies of images, it was a great learning experience,” says Evan.

“And we made it, played it, and had a great time doing both. Then our friends and family eventually started asking for their own copies, which was amazing. But the big thing was when the Little Village Markets down at Gordon Community Centre came along in 2021.”

Bringing the perfect amount of (clean) cheekiness that the whole family can enjoy, Levi and Evan printed 100 copies of Go Bum. Putting his business skills to the test at the kids’ market for kids, Levi sold lots of copies of the game and ended up raising $100 for the Australian Koala Foundation (and a small donation for the Gordon Community Centre in the process).

A proud parent moment for Evan, now the pair are planning to take their game up to the next level and start selling the game professionally—but their ultimate goal is to keep raising funds to help endangered koalas.

“We didn’t know what to expect, it was kind of a leap into the great unknown,” says Evan.

“When we made Go Bum, it was not long after the devasting 2020 bushfires that summer and we kind of knew that koala numbers had been in a long-term decline. And hearing about how terrible the fires were for koalas, we wanted to do something to help them.”

Running a Kickstarter campaign throughout November 2022, they raised 152 per cent of their funding target thanks to 162 backers, seeing 320 trees planted in December last year.

“We are very proud of this small but meaningful way we have together helped put more smiles on faces through the fun game and make the world a bit better along the way,” says Evan.

“The majority of support and backers came from the Canberra community for which we are very grateful. Canberra is the home of Go Bum!”

Continuing on their mission, Evan and Levi are donating funds from each copy sold in retail shops to help endangered koalas. In recent exciting news, Go Bum is available from a limited number of stores around Canberra, including Ronin Games in Woden.

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