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Four fresh local reads to sink your teeth into

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Canberra is a city brimming with book lovers.

But did you know we also pack a punch when it comes to phenomenal homegrown authors? Here are four fresh reads to sink your teeth into this autumn from local authors.

Sally Thorne: Second First Impressions

Are you ready for a romantic comedy that will transport you from this chilly city to a balmy retirement village filled with quirky elderly residents, hundreds of endangered turtles and one incredibly handsome motorbike riding tattoo artist called Teddy?

Of course you are.

Meet Tuggeranite Sally Thorne’s newest offering—Second First Impressions. A new romantic comedy from the author of The Hating Game—which, by the way, is currently being made into a film in Hollywood—this book is full of laugh out loud moments.

Read more about Sally and Second First Impressions here.

Find it in your local bookstore or online here.

Jack Heath: Hideout

Jack Heath has lived more lives in his (just over) three decades than most people.

The author of almost 30 books, Jack began writing action thrillers while he was a student at Lyneham High School to spice up his required reading and, well, kept going. He’s written award-winning series for children, teens and, most recently, adults.

His 2018 adult debut Hangman introduced readers to antihero and ex-FBI consultant Timothy Blake as he tries to escape his past—and keep his dark secret hidden and two massively successful books later and we now have Hideout, the third book in the Timothy Blake series.

Hideout takes Timothy to a safe house filled with psychopaths and a cat-and-mouse game that even Timothy might not survive. Want to spend autumn on the edge of your seat? Hideout is for you.

Find it in your local bookstore or online here.

Irma Gold: The Breaking

The Breaking is the second novel from Canberra literary scene darling Irma Gold and packs an emotional punch in a bittersweet plot about friendship, loyalty and morality.

Set in Thailand against a backdrop of animal activism, The Breaking is as heartfelt as it is passionate.

As Irma herself put it: “It was really important to me that this book was enjoyable for the reader, that the book wasn’t in any way harrowing. I wanted to give the reader just enough to help them see the reality of the situation, but not too much that it overwhelmed them. So like life, there is dark and light, and I hope I have balanced the two.”

You can read more about Irma and The Breaking here.

Find it in your local bookstore or online here.

Hugh Mackay: The Kindness Revolution

Just the kind of non-fiction you’re wanting to read after the last 18 months, Canberra’s own social psychology superstar Hugh Mackay tackles the question of kindness in his newest publication.

Encouraging readers to find the best in themselves and others, Hugh reflects on the challenges we faced as a society across 2019, 2020 and 2021, asking: “Could we become renowned as a loving country, rather than simply a “lucky” one?”.

Find it in your local bookstore or online here.

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