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Tell us your Canberra ‘missed connections’ and we’ll try and find them for you

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HerCanberra wants to hear about your missed connections and crushes. Who knows what could happen…

Everyone remembers at least one missed connection.

You know—that person on the bus with whom you shared a few smiles about a fellow passenger’s loud music, butterflies building in your stomach…until you turned back to see they had gotten off at their stop.

That person who you used to see in the coffee line each morning…until they moved departments. The bartender at your favourite bar that you never worked up the courage to ask on a date.

In our digital age, it’s easy to think we’re all interconnected…until you find yourself pining after a stranger with no name.

So we want to help.

We want to hear about your missed connections, your crushes, your almost-flirtations, your I-see-you-in-the-coffee-line-every-morning-but-feel-too-awkward-to-talk-to-you.

Write about your missed connection in the form below and we’ll publish it in an article next week. Who knows who could be reading…



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