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Embracing the 40s: A woman’s journey

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Welcome to the 40s, where we navigate the twists and turns, often illuminating road of what it truly means to practise ‘adulting’.

As I’ve stumbled through this decade I’ve unearthed lessons that are as amusing as they are insightful. So, let’s dive into the wisdom I’ve gathered, with a sprinkle of what I would like to think is funny, that’s kept me sane.

Leadership is living life on your own terms

Being a leader isn’t just about conquering the professional world; it’s about conquering the remote control and choosing what to binge-watch without the need for group approval. True leadership in your 40s involves confidently declaring, “Tonight, we dine on ice cream straight from the carton.” Yes, this is OK to do. If you needed a sign, this is it.

You don’t have to explain yourself

Trust me, explaining yourself is overrated. If someone questions your decision to wear pyjamas all day, just tell them you’re experimenting with a groundbreaking fashion trend called “don’t bother me chic.” No explanations needed – your comfort is the only validation required. Also, these days PJs come in so many chic designs. It’s a shame only my bed gets to see them. 

Own your success and your failures

Embracing both success and failure is like accepting that you’re a gourmet chef when your dish turns out great, and a contestant on a cooking disaster show when it doesn’t. Own it. And remember, even Michelin-starred chefs mess up an omelette occasionally. 

Be present, even when alone

Being present is crucial, especially when alone, because that’s when you realise that your pet is your most reliable conversational partner. Engage in profound discussions about the meaning of life, or just share a silent judgmental stare – it’s all part of the therapeutic process. For those of us with no pets, lean in to talking to yourself. It. Is. The. Best. Form. Of. Therapy and, its FREE!

Make time for yourself every day

Daily self-care is a must, even if it’s just ten minutes. My self-care ritual? Daydreaming. Escaping reality for a while and imagining a world where my outfits are styled to perfection (dress, shoes, accessories on point), calories don’t count and deadlines are a myth. It’s like a mini-vacation, only without the airport security lines. Also, it’s free. 

In conclusion, the 40s are a peculiar blend of seriousness and absurdity. Whether you’re leading your own pyjama fashion revolution, demonstrating your gourmet cooking skills (or lack thereof), having deep conversations with yourself or your pet, or daydreaming your way to sanity, remember to embrace the humour. So, here’s to navigating the 40s with wisdom, resilience, and a hearty dose of humour – because life should be seen as a dance – so choose your own playlist! 

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