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Paradise Awaits: Four reasons to head to Fiji this winter

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Aqua blue water, sandy beaches, tropical cocktails and no need to defrost your windshield before you drive to work.

Do we need to give you any more hints as to why you’d probably have a better time in Fiji than in Canberra this winter? What’s more, with school holidays coming up, your kidlets would likely have a great time too.

Why? Because Canberra Airport now offers direct flights to Nadi with Fiji Airways that will have your toes defrosting in tropical sand in *checks notes* a mere 4 hours and 15 minutes. South Coast eat your heart out.

Not only that, but Fiji’s rich cultural heritage, myriad state-of-the-the-art resorts, wildlife experiences and, yes, those iconic beaches, provide endless entertainment for kids of all ages (ahem, not to mention that many resorts offer kids clubs and nanny services).

Here are four reasons to consider a winter getaway to Fiji this year (like you even need four).

 Fly direct from Canberra with flights that won’t break the bank

As we’ve written about before, hopping an international flight direct from Canberra is just special and what better way to start a holiday (especially if you’re only off for a week or two) with a short drive to Canberra Airport and a seamless journey upstairs to their International Departure Lounge? No Hume Highway + no Sydney traffic = a great start.

Better yet, you can fly direct from Canberra to Fiji from $600 per person return these winter school holidays. What are you waiting for?

There’s a resort for every family

It seems like the entire HerCanberra office has taken their kids to Fiji over the years, so we canvassed the team as to what their kids loved.

The biggest takeaway? That Fiji boats some of the best kid-friendly resorts in the world.

Some names mentioned include the Radisson Blu Fiji (three of our colleagues have been here and apparently the pools and waterslides are world class), The Outrigger (a colleague mentioned they loved the nanny service they offered), our fearless leader Amanda Whitley highly rated the Shangri-La Yanuca Island and someone else said they loved the Sheraton.

Lastly, apparently Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort boasts one of the best kids club experiences on the island (bamboo raft building, anyone?). Whether your little ones want to become Moana for your stay or stay by your side at the pool, these resorts offer endless activities, entertainment, kid-friendly facilities and childcare options.

Because you’ve got to have a holiday too, right?

Tropical beauty, beaches and sunshine await (even in the middle of winter!)

Fiji might be in the southern hemisphere, but over the winter months, Fiji’s average temperature is between 20 and 26 degrees. If that doesn’t sound like heaven after a few months of blasting the heater, we don’t know what does.

Not only is it warm, but July and August boast some of the best weather the island has to offer, with blue skies and sunshine – the perfect climate to explore this tropical paradise. Did someone say payapa on the beach?

You will never hear “I’m bored”, even from the moodiest teenager

Aside from the plethora of offerings within the resorts and the island’s stunning natural beauty, there are plenty of ways you can explore Fiji’s rich cultural heritage and history – it’s almost impossible to be bored.

Tours can be arranged through your hotel or online, offering everything from day tours of the island to marine life sightseeing boat cruises, mud pool and hot springs visits, traditional Fijian dance performances, river safaris, village tours, trips to adventure and wildlife parks, culture and history tours, catamaran and yacht experiences, helicopter tours, highlands off-roading experiences, day trips to neighbouring islands, ziplining and turtle sanctuary tours. Wow.

Whatever your and your family’s holiday style, Fiji has you covered (and then some). Perhaps you need to book for the winter school holidays in 2025 too…?

Find out more about direct flights from Canberra Airport to Fiji from at


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