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You won’t be-leaf this Canberra Autumn Leaves Map

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Instagrammers, charge up those iPhones. Photographers, polish your lenses.

Everyone, grab your bottle of hand sanitiser and let’s hit the road—it’s time to go leaf spotting.

That’s right, it’s that time of year when the most competitive sport in Canberra becomes ‘Who can get the best shot of autumn leaves for the ‘gram’.

This year, it’s even more competitive than ever because, well, what else is there to do?

To celebrate the release of the ACT Government’s annual Autumn Leaves map (complete with photos!), we’ve listed some of our favourite spots for a (physically distanced) leafy stroll.

For more ideas, check out the Map here—and if you think they’ve missed a spot, you can send in your own snaps to help them rectify the matter.

Lake Burley Griffin

Take a (physically distanced) stroll around the Foreshore or, if you’re looking to warm up a little, power your way (clockwise-only) around the Bridge to Bridge 5K circuit.

Look out for autumnal leaves resting on the water or a classic red foliage reflection shot. You’ll find these are particularly effective on the stretch between Commonwealth Avenue and the lawns of Old Parliament House.

Otherwise, take a look from across the other side on the bike paths passing the International Sculpture Garden towards the Australian National University. Frame your snap of Parliament House with the orange and yellow poplars that line the path.

Molonglo River + West Basin

For lots of rich reds and the crisp crunch of orange leaves beneath your boots, take a drive out to the shores of the Molonglo River.

Key vantage spots include Orana Bay and Yarralumla’s Western Park.

National Arboretum Canberra

Get some height over the city by giving the Arboretum a visit. The Birch Forest offers endless lines of delicate orange branches, or alternatively, with a little more elevation you’ll be able to snap panoramic views of the city’s amber canopy.

Lyneham – O’Connor – Turner bike path

Like most of the old Canberra suburbs, Turner—along with Ainslie, Forrest, Kingston and Griffith—is perfect for autumn neighbourhood walks and chilly ‘grams with nostalgic vibes.

The autumn foliage fragments the sunlight lighting the way along the bike path following Sullivans Creek from Barry Drive to Mouat Street, particularly during the holy 4 pm golden hour.

Flinders Way

Walking up Flinders Way from Captain Cook Crescent to Canberra Grammar School you will be treated to a gorgeous display of autumn foliage (and, if you’re lucky, some great dog spotting too).

Honourable Mentions

  • The fabulously red Chinese Pistachio trees lining Friendship Street, Red Hill
  • The bright yellow American Elm Trees on Grant Crescent, Griffith
  • If you’re in the mood for more water views, head out to Black Mountain Peninsula

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