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Monday Moment: When Plan B sparkles

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A decade ago, we had to give up my daughter’s gorgeous Lab, Gemma, because divorce meant moving into a small townhouse without a yard for her to run in and it wouldn’t have been fair.

My then-colleague, who adores Labs, adopted her and they moved to a property in Queensland, where Gemma has lived a very doted-upon life.

On Friday night, with my colleague and Gemma en route moving to Melbourne, we were able to drive to Goulburn, about an hour away, and have a wonderful reunion!

It was such a happy night, and we were full of gratitude for Gemma being so well looked after, and for this opportunity to say hello to our old girl, ten years on.

It made me think about the fact that when things don’t pan out as planned, they can still pan out well. Plan B might be different, but sometimes it’s equally as good as Plan A, for an entirely new set of reasons.

Sometimes those reasons are hidden behind the murk of dashed dreams. Sometimes we’re staggering through that murk with blinkers on, determined not to make eye contact with the sparkle of Plan B.

We might do that because it means being proven wrong, or it means we can’t stay in the victim role to which we’ve become attached. Wallowing can be so attractive and such a good excuse for not getting on with things.

Plan B can dazzle if we let it. If we’re flexible, resourceful and optimistic we can rock it!

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