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Floristry & Photography: Two Canberra women ’embracing passion’

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Floriade’s theme for 2014 is embrace passion. With many across the capital doing this every day, some creative artists who are lucky to call it their day job including a handful of women who are each making leaps and bounds in their field as they step outside the box to create beauty every single day…

I first met Fionna Tamin at our CIT graduation ceremony in May earlier this year, when we were both being interviewed by the local media and where we also happened to first share our creative stories. Fionna was graduating in Floristry and I was receiving my Bachelor of Photography, yet despite the difference in our chosen fields we have both forged a friendship and our way through our respective creative industries picking up various achievements along the way, especially in the last few months.

The creative mind behind FENON, Fionna has worked with flowers since 2007 having changed direction from a music degree at ANU to a career in floristry after realising that music just wasn’t for her.

Over the years, floral art designs have thrilled and delighted, but in more recent times has also begun to raise questions and create confusion with cultural and pop-culture infusions and as a result taken the art to a whole new level. Artists, such as Fionna, who have a passionate and creative drive continue to develop and grow, reaching an interest beyond the vase. Much of Fionna’s work, while predominantly with flowers, also incorporates wire which although not obvious has a lot of hidden mechanics that help in preparing flowers and assembling them together into a shape.

As a fashion and beauty photographer, I was drawn to Fionna’s enthusiasm in her creations and through a collaboration of sketches inspired by our creative thoughts, we brought Beauty Photography and Floristry together to create two striking concepts that show just how flowers and film can interlace.

Our first concept harboured on the idea of opulence and decadence while maintaining the idea of woman, dedication, beauty and passion. But to achieve this we needed to introduce two other women to our team. The first to join Fionna and I was local makeup artist, Marie Donnell from MysDesign who competed recently at the International Makeup Artist Trade Show (IMATS) in Sydney and produced a jaw-dropping artistic vision of Anubus – God & Proctector of the Dead and Embalming at RAW – Art Show in July. Nicole Leadbeatter was the second to come on board–a award-winning fitness model who has been recognised nationally in body fitness and sculpturing competitions, and Canberra’s very own Australian Sport’s Nutrition Ambassador.

It takes Fionna a few hours of arranging flowers before Nicole’s look to begins to transform with the finishing touches of colour and makeup achieved by Marie. Ready for the camera, Nicole put her modelling talent to work, leaving me to use my creative eye to capture the image and flourish the finishing touches in the post-shoot editing process in the hope of bringing together our team’s vision.

The second concept was inspired by spring fruits of nature, but this time we included the makeup artistry of Lauren Cataldo. Having worked on film sets with her talented and creative makeup artistry, Lauren has had work published both nationally and internationally as a makeup artist. Lauren’s passion has been also extended to featuring in front of the camera as a model, which has been an immensely valuable experience when translating her work from vision to action.

A masterpiece cannot be rush and so it took some time for Lauren to sculpt our model’s look using makeup. A finalist contestant in the first New Zealand’s Next Top Model, Rhiannon Lawerence was our second model whose look finished up with the use of nature’s precious element, gold, harvested as a valuable “fruit of nature”.

What passion are you embracing this spring? Which is your favourite concept?


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