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Made From Good Deeds: turning 2015 on its head

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Made From Good Deeds is a new stationery and homewares brand which combines graphic design, letterpress printing, and timber craftsmanship to create everyday products with a positive twist. Their 2015 desk calendar is a prime example, each month listing three unique deeds for people to set out and leave their positive imprint on the world.

We had a chat with co-founder, Canberra designer Daniel Hadiwibawa to find out more about designing for good.

Who is behind Made From Good Deeds? 

We are a brother-sister duo based in different cities. I’m a Canberra-based graphic designer, and my sister, Christel Hadiwibawa, is a furniture designer based in Sydney.

Is this your first collaboration? 

Between Christel and myself, we have worked on a range of different projects – from design blogs, collateral work and furniture, so in a sense no. However this is our first official collaboration. We will also be collaborating with other artists/designers in the future as we expand our product range.

MFGD Public Cards_2

Where did the idea come from?

We like the idea of inspiring people to spread good vibes in their community, and one way we thought we could achieve this is to blend these positive gestures with the creation of minimal and beautifully designed objects that people use daily in their homes and offices. We aim to create products that enhance our lives and simplify living. Simplicity has always been the underlying thread behind both our designs.

Why did you decide to use letterpress printing rather than offset or digital? 

We understand the value and speed that offset and digital printing have to offer. However, we love the true beauty and rawness of letterpress printing. When we think of letterpress we think of craftsmanship, simplicity and a respect for process. This is what we want to see carried throughout all of our products.

MFGD Calendar Image_1

What types of products can we expect to see from you in the coming months?

Limited edition prints, cards, sketch pads, notebooks, journals, desk organisers… and that’s all we’re going to say for now. We are also excited to be collaborating with other Australian artists/designers on some upcoming products. Stay tuned!

Perfect for christmas stockings, Secret Santa or even a gift for your boss or co-worker, the Made From Good Deeds desk calendar is available from their online shop for $34.95 plus postage. 

This article was originally publish on Good Design Club.

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