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Aya Yves and Boy George record duet

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What happens when you think you hear a music icon ask to work with you, but you’re not sure?

It’s a bizarre situation Canberra singer Vendulka Wichta (now known professionally as Aya Yves) found herself in when she was eliminated from The Voice.

She thought she heard her mentor and idol Boy George say to her that he had an idea for her. But in the drama of filming and the big stars being managed separately to the talent, she was whisked away before she could speak to him.

“I wanted to follow it up but there is not much contact once you are eliminated, so I decided to take matters into my own hands and I messaged him on Instagram.”

She thanked him for all his support and asked whether he had said something to her that night regarding the two of them working together

A few weeks later a blue tick appeared in her inbox from @boygeorgeoffical and she could barely keep still long enough to open the message.

“He said yes, that he did want to work with me!”

But there were no details. Weeks stretched into months and the singer wondered whether he was just being polite.

Until she got a message asking her into a Sydney studio to record with him the very next day.

Luckily she was in Sydney at the time (she flits between Canberra and Sydney and the region depending on work commitments) and she cleared her day for an opportunity of a lifetime.

Boy George had two songs for her to record and she was very nervous.

“He really is super lovely, very generous and we have some things in common. He is very into astrology and we bonded over the fact that we are both air signs (she’s a Libra and he’s a Gemini).  We also bonded over our love of Joni Mitchell. We had fun.”

Yesterday morning the pop icon tweeted that their single ‘The Trouble with Love’ was coming out soon.

Aya Yves was in bed waking up when her phone blew up.

“It was hilarious—even my close friends didn’t know until I posted it on socials—everyone was super surprised.

Aya Yves describes the song as “very 80’s glam pop” and why wouldn’t it be given Boy George’s history leading the ground-breaking chart-topping Culture Club during the 80s.

“For someone in my career infancy, to have this song out there is just such a huge thing. I still can’t quite believe it.”

She also noted that Boy George did email her a few weeks ago to ask her permission to release the single and to “please say yes”.

“Ahhh, let me just think about it,” she joked. Before responding “absolutely”.

Nobody is quite sure when the single will be out, but Aya Yves says the experience has been unbelievably exciting.

“I’m still pinching myself about it! I hope that it broadens out my listeners and that I can get a more UK-based audience. I feel my music makes sense to the UK and I’d love to head over there one day.

“I really have no idea where it will go from here, but it is enough for me that I have recorded a song with an icon.”

If you are keen to hear Aya Yves, she will be playing a show at the UC Hub on May 1st with Biblemami as the support act.
Tickets are available through moshtix.

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