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Prepare for a loud explosion – the local female artists making waves

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The easing of restrictions, allowing for (mask-free!) dance floors and live music gigs, almost feels too good to be true.

While during lockdown the rest of us may have been increasing our wine consumption, screen-time and pyjama days, these local Canberran artists were doing quite the opposite. Lucy Sugerman, Sophie Edwards and Tammy Pinto are among the several local musicians who have been hard at work writing lyrics, recording new EPs and organising future shows in preparation to rock the Canberra music scene just in time for summer—and ACT Music has unveiled an interactive gig guide to make it easy with us to connect with the sounds we love. 

The excitement of these launches and events is a reminder of not only how deprived we have felt, but how essential it is, now more than ever, to support our city’s music industry. So, it is with great delight we can now safely indulge in experiencing and embracing what our local scene has to offer.  

Lucy Sugerman

 If you haven’t heard Lucy’s name by now, we wouldn’t consider you a true Ken Behren. We fell in love with the young singer-songwriter the minute she hit our screens on season six of The Voice in 2017. Since then, the local singer has kept far from quiet.  

Image via Instagram @lucysugermanusic

‘Trust nobody’, her “pandemic baby”, was released on 15 October. The track was written in only three hours and encompasses her navigation of more modern coming of age experiences, such as Tinder dates, getting over exes and deciphering who to trust.  

Lucy is now teasing the release of her next pandemic creation, ‘Hurt that’s man made’, which is set to be available on all streaming platforms by 18 November. 

“The events that inspired this record feel like a weird fever dream. I think the funniest part of it all is how little it matters now. You’re 18 and fresh out of school and everything feels so hard.”  

Image supplied

Sophie Edwards

Image courtesy of Meg Houston

Singer-songwriter Sophie Edwards has been a staple in Canberra’s music space for many years now. She welcomed the freedoms of early 2021 with a mini-tour, playing shows in Melbourne, Wollongong, Canberra and the Central West of NSW. After embracing the solidarity of lock-down and composing more music, September saw the release of her single ‘Next’, just prior to her most recent EP, ‘Feel again soon’ 

Often being compared to the likes of Vera Blue and Meg Mac, in ‘Feel again soon’ she addresses feeling numb and exhausted while growing up in today’s society. Sophie’s EP launch show will be held on Saturday 27 November at Live at the Polo in Turner. 

Tammy Pinto  

Tammy is a gentle but powerful newcomer to the Canberra music scene. A public servant and mother of two, her music is relatable and “for the over-thinkers”.

Today, Tammy releases her new five-track EP ‘We’re not okay’. It’s a title that chimes with the current era and reflects on the day-to-day emotional and existential vagaries of life, all while being inspired by artists such as Bic Runga, Clare Bowditch, Lisa Mitchell and Sarah Blasko.

(Photo supplied through Tammy’s EP package)

Later this month, Tammy will be a feature artist at the Resonate with Reezy event at Subsdance dance studio. The event is set to be an intimate evening accompanied by songs from local singer-songwriters—and did we mention the bar on site…?

Check out ‘We’re not okay’ streaming on all platforms todayhere. 

Music ACT  

Now, are you wondering how to possibly keep up with all of these exciting upcoming events? Well, in perfect timing, Music ACT is launching a city-wide live music campaign over the next four months.

At the centre is an interactive gig guide that is certain to re-vamp Canberra’s live music scene over the upcoming holiday season.  

Billy Bianchini, Music ACT’s program manager, says, “The whole idea of the campaign is to get as many people out there trying new venues and seeing new artists.” 

“Everyone has had study time, so a musical explosion is about to hit.”

Launching today, the interactive gig guide, What’s on? Lots on.’ (WOLO), enables users to create their own live show schedules by filtering upcoming events to suit their personal preferences. Searches can be made by genre, date, artist or even venue and it’s free for all musicians to register their gigs. As part of the launch, hundreds of posters will be plastered across the city with QR codes leading to the gig guide.  

“If Canberra can build its community as a cultural hub, the same as New Orleans or Birmingham, as a destination for live music, it is great for the entire city. It’s a great economic and cultural thing. There are only positives which come from supporting live music.” 

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