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Missed the mark? There’s a second chance for unwanted gifts

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Does it fill you with joy? If not, give it to someone in need.

GIVIT wants all those unwanted Christmas presents to give to people in need—and in light of 2020’s devastating bushfires, drought and global pandemic, there’s never been a better time.

And GIVIT is making it easy for Canberra gift recipients to be the gift-givers, ensuring all gifts find a loving home.

GIVIT is a national online not-for-profit connecting those who need with those willing to give. Through its website, trusted Australian charities are supported as they request essential, quality items on behalf of their clients.

GIVIT matches their needs to public generosity, facilitating quality goods to reach the most vulnerable, impoverished and marginalised individuals in a safe, easy and timely manner.

This Christmas you can get involved as Australians are expected to spend an eye-watering $9 billion on Christmas gifts. Many of these presents will not meet their recipient’s expectations or needs.

But GIVIT can ensure that all those disappointments under your Christmas tree or that unwanted Secret Santa gift can become a treasured and needed item for someone in need in your community.

To identify exactly what is needed by society’s most vulnerable, GIVIT works with more than 3,800 charities nation-wide, ranging from The Salvation Army and Australian Red Cross to smaller community groups and neighbourhood centres.

If you have something to give, go to GIVIT and match your unwanted Christmas gift with someone else’s needs. Giving via GIVIT is free with no fees or charges.

You will receive a lot of satisfaction from knowing that the Christmas gift you didn’t want will keep on giving to help make life easier for someone in genuine need.

So come on—you now have permission to “re-gift”.

How to donate your unwanted gifts

1. Choose an item request that touches your heart from GIVIT’s “items needed list
2. See if your item is needed in your local area, or offer your donation into GIVIT’s online warehouse
3. Once a match is made, the contact details between you and the charity are exchanged automatically
4. Organise delivery with the charity and make a big difference to someone in need!


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