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Four TV Shows That Will Have You Dreaming In Technicolour

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We all need a break from reality, and binge-watching TV shows are one of the best ways to do just that.

But if you’re in the mood to escape to somewhere that might be more colourful and dreamlike than your average cop show, here are four TV shows that can inject some technicolour into your life.

American Gods



American Gods is a new TV show that is streaming on Stan, and stars The 100’s Ricky Whittle, Australia’s own Emily Browning, and Ian McShane as Mr Wednesday. With a smattering of other big name stars such as X-Files alum Gillian Anderson and “Creepy Thin Man” Crispin Glover, American Gods is a hyper-coloured event of epic proportions that you need to see.

Based on the novel by Neil Gaiman, American Gods follows grifter Shadow Moon when he is released from jail due to his wife’s untimely passing. Travelling home for the funeral, Shadow is brought into a world of mysterious circumstances when he is offered a job by a strange man named Mr Wednesday with a few tricks up his sleeve. As Alice once said in the rabbit hole, Shadow is pulled into events that are “curiouser and curiouser” as he meets a colourful selection of Gods including a ripped coin-pulling leprechaun, several versions of Jesus, a technical boy smoking synthetic toadskins, and the God of all Media.

For those who have not read the source novel there are several visionary clues that may be missed throughout the show (watch out for the ravens!), but American Gods creator Bryan Fuller and Michael Green do an excellent job of keeping audiences informed when needed and spellbound throughout. The series is a visionary masterpiece with ultra-trippy neon graphics that saturate the whole show in an other-worldly vibe and makes American Gods a great way to spend eight hours of your life.

Once Upon A Time



Who doesn’t love a story that interweaves all of your favourite fairytale classics and mashes it up with a healthy dose of reality? Well, ABC’s Once Upon A Time is the type of mystical dreamlike quality that makes for a perfect reality escape and with six seasons under its belt and a seventh reboot on the way, you’ll have plenty of time to snuggle on the couch and say goodbye to winter!

Once Upon A Time primarily centres on the characters of Snow White and Prince Charming (played by real life couple Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas) who are forced to send their only daughter to the modern world when the Evil Queen (Lana Parrilla) lays a curse on them. The whole kingdom ends up in our world in an enchanted town named Storybrooke in Maine, where all of the fairytale characters we love have forgotten who they really are. When the Evil Queen’s adopted son Henry comes looking for his real mother – a bounty hunter named Emma Swann (played by House’s Jennifer Morris) – he brings about the end of the curse on the town as Emma unravels the mystery of her own past.

Once Upon A Time does a great job of weaving together and changing our favourite stories, and many new characters pop up throughout the series that really leave their mark, including characters such as Rumpelstiltskin, Mulan, Belle, Captain Hook, Robin Hood, Dr Frankenstein, Elsa from Frozen, Peter Pan, the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland, Cruella De Vil, Maleficent and even Hades from Hercules. Different colourful and enchanted worlds are explored like Oz, the Underworld and even Neverland, and it means that each episode is fresh, exciting and extremely colourful.

If you want to start binge-watching something that is truly original and magical – Once Upon A Time is the show you start with. You can also join me in coveting practically everything that Belle wears!




Heroes made its debut onto our TV screens in 2006, right before the explosion of Marvel and DC superhero shows and movies made its exhausting entrance, and what made Heroes so good was because even though it wasn’t a unique storyline (common people discover that they have super powers and their lives intertwine against a devastating enemy) the collection of interesting characters kept the show moving and engaging.

The show primarily focused around Peter Petrelli (played by Gilmore Girls hunk Milo Ventimiglia) as a dreamer who swears he is destined for more and in discovering his abilities, embarks on the journey to “save the cheerleader, save the world” from a super villain named Sylar (played by Zachery Quinto) who can “collect” powers by examining the brain of the power possessor. Along the way, he joins in the fight with other powerful characters including a high school cheerleader with the ability to regenerate, a Japanese comic book lover who can manipulate time, a politician who can fly, a painter who can paint the future, and a Las Vegas strip worker with a killer alter-ego.

The show is well edited and put together, and while it can be quite violent at times, the colourful chapters move to exotic locations from the modern day to feudal Japan and even to a supercharged carnival.

If you’re after a well-established show to binge-watch for hours than you have come to the right place because each of the fours seasons have almost twenty plus hour-long episodes, and there was even a pretty awesome thirteen-episode reboot in 2015. Just make sure you get past the more slow-moving and shorter season two which was devastatingly affected by the great writers strike of that time – I promise it gets better in season three!




Glow is yet another original TV show that is proving that binge-watching starts and ends with Netflix. Community’s Alison Brie stars as down-and-out actress Ruth, who finds herself out of work and at the bottom of the barrel when she sleeps with her best friend Debbie’s husband. Things take a turn when she lands a role on a professional wrestling show, but finds herself being forced to go head to head with Debbie as the star.

Glow positively drips with 80’s glam vibes and is the ultimate in technicolour dream boards, but it has a strong Orange is the New Black vibe by spending several episodes focusing on the backstory of the other colourful characters in the show. These include Sheila the She-Wolf as she struggles with her identity, quiet punk-rocker Justine as she finds her place in the world, wrestling royalty Carmen who struggles to live up to her family’s reputation, ultimate 80’s man Sam who is putting on the show but also struggling with his own demons, and even the erratic producer Bash who has run into financial problems.

Shifting the focus throughout the show gives Glow a meatier storyline, and with the fabulously glamorous 80’s as the backdrop, Glow becomes the kind of binge-watching series that will leave you with stars in your eyes. Start streaming it now!

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