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Hen’s dance parties: empowered and confident

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Are you in the process of planning an upcoming bachelorette party in Canberra but have no idea where to begin?

Are you looking for something a little different from a spa day and/or night out, but still want to stay in keeping with the spirit of an all-inclusive, empowering hen’s night?

Well, there’s nothing more liberating than hitting the dancefloor with the girls, and an experience with Hens Dance Parties will make for the perfect opportunity to do so.

Natasha ‘Tash’ Vujic and Thea Kabadanis are introducing their new business to Canberra this month, and the duo couldn’t be more excited to commence.

“This has come together so out of the blue, but everything’s falling into place,” says Tash. “We just feel like it’s going to be really fun, and we’re really excited to be working together.”

The two instructors, both with 20+ years of dancing and teaching experience have been involved with dance their whole lives and have undergone similar journeys that have led them to their occupations today.

“We both trained fulltime, I completed my qualifications at WAAPA (Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts) in Perth, Thea completed hers at Brent Street in Sydney,” explains Tash.

“We’ve really grown from our experiences and we just want to make sure that everyone we touch through dance has a positive experience. We feel that we have so much to offer.”


Tash says that while she was trained as a ballerina and specialises in ballet and contemporary, Thea is more of an urban dancer with a background in commercial and hip-hop styles.

“Together we’re kind of the full package,” laughs Tash.

The idea for starting a Hens Party business started when Tash was approached to teach a dance lesson for a hens party last year, which proved to be a great hit.

“I met my talented now-business partner Thea when I started attending her heels classes late last year. We had so much fun dancing together and a lot in common, we simply wanted to join forces and build something together!”

Hens Dance Parties will provide bridal parties with lessons in dance with groups able to pick a theme and the kind of music they’d like to use. As for a location, Tash and Thea can either book a venue for the session or come to you.

A Hen’s Dance Parties experience will entail learning some moves and a dance routine from the girls as well as playing some classic hen’s games to keep the mood light and celebratory.

In addition to this, the duo will also offer a variety of package deals including lessons for bridal dances and dances involving both bridesmaids and groomsmen.


One of the reasons behind their new business venture, Tash explains that Canberra didn’t have a bridal party experience like this – until now.

“We just want to offer something really exciting for Canberra. We want people to feel like they have an option to do something really fun and unique for their hen’s nights here.”

If you’re worried about having little to no experience in dance, Hens Dance Parties caters to everyone.

“It doesn’t matter if you’ve never danced a day in your life before,” says Tash. “We teach easy and simple moves. We just want people to feel really empowered and confident and, of course, have the best time.”

In conjunction with Hens Dance Parties, Thea is a hip-hop and Heels dance choreographer around Canberra and Tash is the founder of Dance Sculpt Canberra which offers boutique dance-inspired fitness classes.

Outside of Hens Dance Parties, if you are looking at getting wedding day ready and the gym environment is not for you, or if you want to try something new, both Tash and Thea offer a variety of classes across Canberra.


Find more information about Hens Dance Parties here: instagram.com/hensdancepartiesinstagram.com/tvuj23, instagram.com/theakabadanis. Or email Natasha Vujic and Thea Kabadanis at hensdanceparties@outlook.com.

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