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Eight mindsets that will sabotage your long-term nutrition

If simply knowing what to eat made us healthy eaters there would be absolutely no need for any of the diet plans or nutrition programs we find on the market today. Unfortunately, we do have problems putting what we know about nutrition into practice which leads us to being inconsistent with our eating patterns day […]

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Sustainable life: How to grow your own fruit in every season

Home grown fruit tastes better.  Juicy, crunchy, sun-kissed… Yum. Yes, there is a reason. It’s about the way your fruit ripens. Fruit ripens for longer on your trees at home, creating a sweeter and more complex flavour. Commercially grown fruit is picked early, so that it can ripen as it’s transported to cold storage, warehouses […]

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What to do if you or a family member is sick in Canberra

Help if you or a family member is sick in Canberra – including the kids, no matter what time it is. 24/7 HELP Healthdirect: 1800 022 222, 24/7 health advice from a Registered Nurse Home Doctor Service: 13 74 25, in home, out of hours, bulk billed doctor service Poisons Information Line: 13 11 26, […]

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The Master of Mocktails: Misconceptions and mocktologists

For Australians, and Canberrans in particular, Dry July comes at a difficult time. Difficult, because if it’s a big deal for you to give up alcohol for a month, you probably enjoy a warming glass of wine on a winter’s evening. You might also be one of those connoisseurs who would rather stick pins in […]

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Tara’s fight against ‘cansa’

“Hi, I’m Tara. I love to read and I love to do science, physics and biology. I am seven.” The reason I am raising money for the Cancer Council is because I think it is a really great cause to raise money for. I hope the money that I raise will help them get the […]

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Staying sane while taming my toddler with Babies who lunch

Everyone told me to enjoy the time where Wyatt couldn’t walk, because once he was walking he wouldn’t stop. They were, it turns out, right. Although I have found a way to keep my sanity and ensure I enjoy my one on one time with my non-stop toddler – by taking advantage of the many […]

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Declutter and chill

Want to slow down and simplify? Last year, two of the five most borrowed books from ACT Libraries were Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing and Spark Joy: A Master Class on the Art of Organising and Tidying Up. Clearly, we have a ‘thing’ for decluttering. […]

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From my heart to yours

I hope the next 60 seconds are the most important you’ll ever spend reading words of mine. In the last week, five people who are direct friends of my friends have died of heart attacks in their 40s and 50s. Five. That’s five families shattered. Five sets of children who will now grow up without fathers. Five women widowed […]

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Five ways to simplify your life

Even if you don’t suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, sometimes the change to cooler weather can get you down.  If the prospect of grey mornings and cold weather are getting you down, here are a few ways to simplify your life and feel more in control. ASK FOR HELP Playing the martyr, people pleasing, thinking […]

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Dogs and Easter: Not an eggscellent combination

Easter is a time for celebration. For some it’s a religious celebration, for some it’s a celebration of chocolate and for some, it’s simply a celebration of the biggest long weekend of the year. Your dog is probably pretty excited too. Four whole days of you being at home! Lots of people in the house! […]

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