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How Courtney found her Smile

Sitting across the table from Courtney, it’s hard to imagine that there a was a time when she lacked confidence. The bubbly blonde explains that a desire for more self-confidence was what pushed her to enter HerCanberra’s competition to win a three-month program with Smile Fitness – that, and a friendly push from her mother. […]

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Post-Workout Refuelling

You’ve just walked in the door from a sweaty session at the gym and you’re like: Now what? You’ve read somewhere that you’re supposed to eat something special, otherwise you’ll lose your gains or not recover properly. Maybe you try not to eat after exercise, fearing you’ll undo all your hard work. Or maybe you […]

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Healthy snacks for kids

When it’s not quite dinner but little tummies are rumbling, it’s important to have a selection of healthy snacks at the ready. Nourish kids with snacks that include fresh fruits and vegetables, rather than sugary options such as lollies or chocolate bars. Quick and healthy snacks (no recipe required)! Kids heading straight for the pantry […]

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Staying sane while taming my toddler with Babies who lunch

Everyone told me to enjoy the time where Wyatt couldn’t walk, because once he was walking he wouldn’t stop. They were, it turns out, right. Although I have found a way to keep my sanity and ensure I enjoy my one on one time with my non-stop toddler – by taking advantage of the many […]

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Walk your kids Safely to School this Friday!

When I was in primary school, I lived in a town of 300 people. My sister and I walked or road to school every day from the time we were old enough to safely traverse the 700m (and two crossings). It meant that—before we’d done any running around during the day—we had 30 minutes exercise […]

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Declutter and chill

Want to slow down and simplify? Last year, two of the five most borrowed books from ACT Libraries were Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing and Spark Joy: A Master Class on the Art of Organising and Tidying Up. Clearly, we have a ‘thing’ for decluttering. […]

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A new chapter for women in Rugby League

The highly celebrated inauguration of the women’s AFL league in February this year has sparked enthusiasm for a national women’s league in other sporting codes. Rugby league is one of those codes and whilst a national women’s league may not be seen for a few years yet, there are significant moves being made toward its […]

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Safety after dark: exercising at night

With the end of daylight savings, we no longer have the luxury of exercising in the sunlight after work. Vitamin D is not the only thing we’ll be missing out on – a lack of daylight makes it harder to feel safe whilst exercising outside. Instead of being turned off completely, consider these tips for staying […]

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From my heart to yours

I hope the next 60 seconds are the most important you’ll ever spend reading words of mine. In the last week, five people who are direct friends of my friends have died of heart attacks in their 40s and 50s. Five. That’s five families shattered. Five sets of children who will now grow up without fathers. Five women widowed […]

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Nine Vegetable Snacks

For many people, steady weight gain over the years can be attributed to poor snacking habits.  Most of their main meals contain nutritious foods, but in between these times a lot of mindless eating occurs. This mindless snacking is usually on foods which are highly processed and provide excess energy, fat, sugar and salt. For most of my clients, sorting […]

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