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Girls’ night at the footy

When planning a girls’ night, a few options stand out. Cocktails at a new bar, dinner at a nice restaurant, or a night at the movies always top my list. The footy? Not so much. Until recently, that is. My friend (and nutritionist extraordinaire) Kate Freeman and I catch up for a walk every weekend, […]

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Future living

Welcome to the future. There are solar panels on every roof. Bike paths and public transport for everyone. Productive community gardens and edible plants on the streets. Instead of concrete drains, there are wetlands. When we were young, this was the future we had imagined. A future where our environmental ‘footprint’ doesn’t take up five […]

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Sustainable Life: Eco holiday in winter

Life’s busy. Work’s demanding, the kids want more and friends… who are they again? I need a holiday. Something to look forward to in a life that feels out of control. I like to tread lightly on our planet earth. So, I’m looking for a holiday that will be good for me and the planet. […]

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Screenagers coming to a screen near you

Are you watching kids scroll through life, with their rapid-fire thumbs and a six-second attention span? Now is the time to stop and unpack how to negotiate parenting in a digital world with a special screening of a film devoted to the issue and a Questions and Answer session with experts at Dendy Cinema next […]

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Designing our city for good mental health

Did you know that city dwellers record higher rates of most mental health problems than their rural cousins? According to the Centre for Urban Design and Mental Health in the United States, citizens of our global cities are almost 40 percent more likely to suffer from depression, 20 percent more likely to be anxious and […]

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Why writing a letter helps after your break up

I was recently going over some of my journaling from the early days of my separation.  At times, my head was all over the place and I can tell you, there was all the wishing, the hoping and the feelings that come with a break-up. Looking back over the last few years and to where I […]

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Celebrating 200 Years of Jane Austen

It is a truth universally acknowledged… that the writings of Jane Austen have left an indelible mark on the face of literature, constituting some of the greatest and best-loved works of fiction in the English language. Never has this truth been more important than now, 200 years after the death of this wonderful author. Ok, […]

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Escape reads for a cosy autumn

Sometimes we all need a little escape. As it well and truly sinks in that we’re heading towards colder months, we look forward to snuggling into the couch on a cool day with a blanket, tea and a good book to escape with. Here are five great choices, handpicked by the experts at Paperchain Bookstore […]

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Do you ever just want to pack up and leave?

Yesterday I met a man from a picturesque Irish village, who has a son and two teenage daughters (who have exactly the same names as my teenage daughters), who is looking to house-swap to Canberra with his wife. Before my husband died, we were dreaming of a move to Ireland. I’ve never been, despite a […]

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Modern Dating: A Table for Six

More of a dinner club less of a match making club… Do you find yourself sitting at home after your separation, not sure who to meet and where to go? Your friends may be married and have children who need their undivided attention and with that, perhaps you’re feeling lost in a singles world. Apps might not […]

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