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How to cope with delays in the Family Law Court system

If you know someone recently involved in family law litigation you’ve probably heard them talk about delays in the Family Law system and how courts struggle with dwindling resources and increasing caseloads. The Australian Government has asked the Australian Law Reform Commission to conduct a wide-ranging review into the Family Law system and to provide […]

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Full compensation after a road accident currently on the line

Do you understand the changes being proposed to the ACT’s Compulsory Third Party Insurance scheme? It will be one of the issues deliberated by a Citizen’s Jury this weekend, but there are plenty who oppose any change to the ACT’s fully-funded scheme. Personal injury expert and Maliganis Edwards Johnson partner James Treloar has asked Canberrans to […]

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The challenges of trying to solve your own legal problems without expert advice

Marriage or relationship breakdown is a stressful and uncertain time. Emotions run high and you might not be thinking clearly. Sorting issues between you and your former partner without legal advice and without legally formalising your agreement is risky. This includes parenting and property matters. It’s all too easy to make mistakes that can lead […]

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Why you should know what the word Penda means

Earlier this week in Parliament House, an innovative new phone app was launched in Canberra which has the potential to save a life. Penda is an app that helps women to navigate their way through the scenario of domestic violence. It provides safety, financial and legal information and referrals for women at risk and includes a safety […]

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The Law and You: Domestic violence cross-examination

In Family and Domestic Violence Courts across Australia, hundreds of women who have survived domestic violence have been directly cross-examined by violent ex-partners, adding a further layer of anxiety to their already high stress levels. New changes to the law proposed by the Australian Government mean that victims of domestic violence will no longer have […]

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Understanding Law: Making an Enduring Power of Attorney

We like to think that we’re the architects of our own destinies. However, the reality is that personal situations change and accidents happen – so it’s important to have a contingency plan in place. Appointing a Power of Attorney ensures that someone you trust can make decisions on your behalf in the event you’re unable to […]

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The Law and You: Bankruptcy and property settlement

What happens with debts in a family law property settlement? What happens if your partner becomes bankrupt? How does this affect your settlement? This column shares information and tips on how to handle debts and a property settlement. It’s an important topic and you’ll want to seek expert legal advice so you understand your rights […]

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The Law and You: Leaving your children unsupervised

Do children have to be a certain age before parents can leave them home unsupervised or allow them to walk to school by themselves? Opinions differ widely on the topic and the debate rages over what is right or wrong, including on Internet blogs. This article explores some legal issues around what age is ‘old […]

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The Law and You: Changing a child’s name

What happens when a parent wants to change their child’s surname? This is not uncommon after a relationship breakdown and separation, especially when one parent has re-partnered or married again and other children with different surnames are involved. Sometimes parents wish to adopt a hyphenated surname for example, for all of their children. This can […]

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The Law And You: Mobile phone recordings and family law

What you need to know. Gone are the days when telephones were large hand-held devices used to make that simple little phone call. Today, more than 16 million Australians have a smartphone—mini super computers. We take them everywhere and use them all the time. They document and record our daily lives. With such a powerful […]

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