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Still Calling Canberra Home: Anthea Roberts

The pursuit of a career in law took Anthea Roberts from her home town...

Emma Macdonald

Lisa Messenger to host Canberra Collective

Lisa Messenger’s life story to date reads a bit like a movie. Girl grows...

Laura Peppas

Young Canberra Citizen of the Year explains her activism and her optimism

16-year-old Dhani Gilbert was surprised to be named Young Canberra Citizen of the Year...

Molly McLaughlin

Mary Finsterer returns to Canberra

The Canberra International Music Festival brings internationally acclaimed musicians to our city each year....

Emma Macdonald

Women at Work: Helen Athanasiou

There’s something intimate about the bond between a beauty technician and their customer. It...

Beatrice Smith

Still calling Canberra home: Anneliese Seubert

Born in Bavaria, raised in Cooma, educated in Canberra then whisked up in a...

Emma Macdonald

Courtney Act in Cartier

Courtney Act loves few things more than shimmy and shine. After a resounding victory...

Emma Macdonald

From Canberra to centre stage: How Alex Carson made it as a professional dancer

Like many teenage girls, Alex Carson dreamed of showbiz. But unlike the rest of...

Molly McLaughlin