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Beauty Insider: Clear + Brilliant Laser

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HerCanberra’s Alison Senti road tests Clear Complexions ‘baby version of Fraxel’ – the Clear and Brilliant laser treatment.

There are a variety of treatment options to achieve smoother, brighter skin. The more traditional microdermabrasion is usually the entry point. Fractionated laser, which we road tested previously, is a more aggressive form of laser treatment at the other end of the spectrum (pardon the pun) which can give great results but also requires some downtime for the skin to heal.

But what’s in between? Clear Complexions offers a mid-range option: a series of laser treatments that can give immediate results but don’t take you out of circulation for a couple of days. HerCanberra contributor Alison road tests Clear Complexions ‘baby Fraxel’ – the Clear and Brilliant laser treatment.


Alison is 44. She explains why she tries the Clear + Brilliant treatment – her first foray into laser.

“I’m a pretty regular user of microdermabrasion,” explains Alison.

“I find it really helps restore my skin’s texture, especially after a drying Winter going from hot to cold environments and ducted heating. I had an initial consultation for Fraxel but decided it was a little too extreme for me especially as I couldn’t really afford the downtime afterwards given my job.”

During Alison’s initial consultation, her Clear Complexions consultant nurse suggested the Clear + Brilliant Laser treatment as a way to achieve that freshly-microdermabrasioned look with more intense results and minimal downtime.


The procedure takes around 20-25 minutes, with 15 minutes of preparation while a numbing cream is used to help numb the area.

There may be some redness and minor swelling after the procedure and redness the next day, like a kind of mild sunburn which will subside fairly quickly. By day three there may be some minor shedding and roughness as the skin repairs but within a week the skin should look and feel brighter, smoother and reduction in pore size.

“My nurse consultant reassured me she had had a series of six treatments herself and was fine, which made me feel more at ease.”


“It was quite an unusual sensation – as the laser is passed repeatedly over one area (first forehead, then cheeks, then chin and nose) it was more like a warm, ‘prickly’ sensation – like getting a mild static electricity shock.

“The numbing gel did its trick and I only really felt mildly uncomfortable while the laser was near my hairline and edges of my eyes. My nurse explained there is not much ‘meat’ in those areas hence why the sensation is stronger. The rest of my face felt fine during the treatment.”

Alison said immediately afterwards her face did feel ‘sunburned’ and was a little red. Within an hour the ‘heat’ feeling subsided and within two hours she couldn’t notice it any more.

“The next day I was still a little flushed looking across the nose and cheeks, and a little on my forehead, but nothing dramatic and it certainly didn’t prevent me from going out in public”.

Alison’s nurse suggested a gentle skincare regime and sunscreen for the next week as her skin would be more sensitive than normal. Keeping the skin super hydrated would help with dryness and redness also.


Alison says the results were noticeable within hours.

“Even though my skin was still red from the treatment, I could already see my pores were minimised and the skin felt plumper and more even in texture.”

A week later Alison’s skin looked clear and fresh. She had had some dryness around the nose and chin where the laser was concentrated but this would disappear as the skin cells were renewed.

“I would definitely have the treatment again – the results were impressive for single treatment.

“I also bought one of Clear Complexion’s Rationale skincare products, C1 ($85). It’s a light, tinted fluid with 50+ sunscreen. I really hate applying sunscreen onto clean skin every day. This felt really light on my skin – not like sunscreen at all.”


Due to the relatively gentle treatment procedure pretty much anyone can have Clear + Brilliant Laser. If you are looking for a boost before a big event – think gala ball, wedding or another special occasion, a series of these treatments could be just the thing for you.

The cost of a Clear + Brilliant treatment is $395.


Book in for a one-hour consultation with a Clear Complexions nurse who will assess your skin and suggest the best treatment regime for the results you are looking for. Consultations cost $50.

Call 02 6231 0003 to book into one of their three Canberra clinics.

This is a sponsored post but opinions remain the author’s own. The interviewee received her treatments free of charge from Clear Complexions for review purposes. 

It complies with the Australian Consumer and Competition Commission’s guidelines on Online Reviews. Read our Sponsored Post Policy if you would like more information.

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