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Beauty Roadtest: tend your lady garden at Brazilian Butterfly

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shutterstock_178014533It was probably 10 years ago that I, riding the wave of the still-fairly-new Brazilian craze, decided to give it a ‘rip’, if you’ll excuse the pun. Not the full monty…but to ensure that you can still look me in the eye if we meet in the street, I won’t go into too much detail about the hair vs hairless ratio of my nether regions. That would be awkward for both of us.

Anyhoooo…I digress.

My first Brazilian was NOT a good experience. I’d booked into my local beauty therapist (where I’d had all manner of facials and tints and even bikini waxes) with some trepidation but with confidence that they were the experts. It was excruciating…and I’m not even talking about the hair removal.

It was obviously one of the first times my young therapist had performed such a treatment and she was terribly embarrassed…which made ME embarrassed. It took a really long time and I don’t think we could even look at each other at the end of the process…and although I quite liked the result, there was no way I was going back.

Fast forward five years or so and I was ready to give it another go. After all, I’d been through childbirth twice and had about a bazillion people taking a peek ‘down there’…how bad could it be? This time, I headed to Brazilian Butterfly (BB) in the city, a fairly new place that claimed to specialise in waxing. It only took a few minutes to realise that this was a whole different ballgame to my last experience.


Lorraine O’Brien, and Kate Scholte, the owners of the Canberra City salon.

Lorraine O’Brien, and Kate Scholte, the owners of the Canberra City salon bought the franchise in 2013, and reckon that the therapists in Brazilian Butterfly Canberra can do a complete Brazilian in 12 minutes. 12 MINUTES! These girls are machines, which means its easy enough to pop in for a wax in your lunchbreak and still have time to grab a bite to eat.

Lorraine is a fascinating woman. After battling breast cancer – and with absolutely no background in the industry – she made the decision to venture into the unknown world of the beauty business.

“My daughter was a client at the Canberra City salon and was very impressed with the service she received. So when she qualified as a beauty therapist, and I wanted a complete job and lifestyle change after battling breast cancer, we decided to go for it, and venture into the world of small business ownership, combining Kate’s beauty therapy training and experience, with my marketing and business management experience, so we are now a family run business”.

“My friends thought I’d gone mad! Now though, every day is an awesome day.  From the moment I open the salon door and smell the wax, to when we close, I feel great in knowing that we’ve made people feel fantastic and have provided an excellent service and experience.”

For me – as a now long time BB client (I even recruited one of our writers while getting waxed…hi Amelia!) – the best thing is that it’s super efficient and super professional. Where most ‘beauty salons’ are all dim lighting, soft music and padded beds, BB is all about getting down to business. The rooms are designed for work, containing simply a vinyl-covered ‘bed’ and a waxing station, which contains all the bibs and bobs the therapist will need to do the job. They’re very clean and brightly lit (so she can see those pesky little hairs) and there are pops of primary colour in the posters and products.




What happens with a typical Brazilian? Well, you’ll be given a little moist toilette to get yourself sorted before your therapist enters the room to get to work, and then it’s all very matter of fact. She’ll tell you where to position your legs while she clips and waxes your lady garden to perfection.

It’s here that the benefits of going to a waxing specialist really become clear: the therapists are so experienced that any self consciousness you may feel is short lived. You realise that the old ‘seen one, seen ’em all’ adage is very true.

But it’s not all bits and butts. I usually book in to get my lip and eyebrows waxed, and my brows and lashes tinted at the same time – and I’m always done well within an hour. BB also has the cleanest spray tanning booth I have ever seen, and offer laser hair removal.



Oh, and the best part? They’re open extended hours before Christmas, and also operating between Christmas and NYE so you can get all your last minute maintenance done before you hit the beach, pool or party (details on the BB website). If you’re keen to pursue a more permanent solution, there’s also a special offer on Laser Hair Removal (ELOS) Brazilians – they’re $99 each and if you buy five,you get one free. Also, if you’re a student, there’s an ongoing special – 10% discount to all students on all treatments, excluding laser hair removal.

Perhaps the holidays is the perfect time to do that gardening you’ve been putting off for a while…

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