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Canberra Interiors: Heather Wallace

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I am a self-confessed Interior Design addict and I’m not afraid to admit it! I simply cannot go into a new space without touching the walls and looking under the table to see how it was constructed. It must look peculiar to others but I want to absorb it all. It’s even better now that I have permission to go snooping through homes in the name of writing a good article.

In our new series I’m going to be giving you a sneak peek into the homes of YOU, our Canberra women. To kick off this series I had the pleasure of heading out to the home of HerCanberra’s own Heather Wallace.


Heather pictured with dog Tiffy on her favourite piece- 1920’s Chaise lounge purchased from the Canberra Antiques Centre.

Now Heather pre-warned me not be put off by the external façade of the building; if anything it made me more excited to see what she’s done inside her level 2 apartment.

It’s a fascinating space – Heather now works in public relations, but has spent time promoting films, which means lots of cool trinkets have been picked up along the way.

I love hearing people’s stories about how they’ve acquired pieces over the years, and Heather has an eclectic mix of fascinating pieces bundled up in her two bedroom apartment. I asked her to show me around and to point out some of her favourite pieces.


Vistosi chandelier (above) is the centrepiece of her loungeroom, and is the first item to draw your eye as you enter the home. Vistosi is an Italian company founded in 1640 and has been the talk of Murano glass ever since. Talk about an eye for design! This light could fetch hundreds, but Heather picked it up at a Queanbeyan junkstore for $90.

It’s funny how you can go into someone’s home and be surrounded by pieces of furniture not knowing the history  they carry with them. With every piece we collect and gather over the years they all hold tales, some older than others. This beautiful old dresser (below) was the last item Heather’s aunty brought over with her when they migrated over from Scotland.


One of Heather’s favourite fairytales is the Grimm’s story Hans-My-Hedgehog. Though not as well-known as their rewritings of Sleeping Beauty or Little Red Riding Hood, it’s been her long time treasured fable. Heather stumbled upon Jessica Boehman, the artist behind Hans-My-Hedgehog (not the Grimm’s story, but Jessica’s art is fairytale-inspired through her stunning and precise illustrations). They developed a friendship over email when Heather started purchasing her pieces of art. This then led them to meet on a trip to New York in which they still remain friends.


As a beginner potter myself I am an avid lover of bison pottery and it turns out so is Heather. If you love a beautiful home which showcases beautiful pieces it doesn’t just stop at your cupboards….it’s what’s inside them too. Forget display cupboards that house the old china and silverware that get used once every blue moon. Why not use these delicate, made-with-love pieces in your every day? These milk and cream jugs are from Canberra business, Bison. Find them in Beltana Road, Pialligo.


You don’t have to live in a three story, split level house with internal lift and heated pool house to have a home to be proud of. No matter what size -whether it’s a three bedroom or a humble bedsit, it is the pieces that you love and select with care that will make it yours. Memories that are attached to matted edge cushions or a faded photograph; it’s the items like these that bring the word ‘cosy’ into being.

If you would like to share your home with us please email – we’d love to see what treasures are hiding out there in our Nation’s capital.

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