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The biggest and best fashion trends to hit 2023 according to Kimberley Hunt

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Want to up your fashion game this year but don’t know where to start? Here local fashion stylist Kimberley Hunt shares what she believes will be the biggest fashion trends of 2023.

If 2022 proved anything in the fashion world, we are seeing a highly varied landscape of trends coming through—which means you have the opportunity to be selective and find what style fits best with your personality and what you want to project to the world in the new year. I’ve predicted the biggest trends to look out for in 2023 to help you plan and execute your best looks yet.

 90s minimalism

2022 showed we are still sticking with back to basics and building our styles around simple, core pieces. Sleek lines and a minimalistic clean look, basics and dainty accessories will all remain in this year. The reinvention of the classic ‘90s staple slip dress and elevated basics, like the viral skims ribbed long slip dress, will be something to look out for.


There was a lot of crochet last year with experimental designs consisting of different textures and depths. This year crochet continues to be trendy, adding a unique and bohemian look to anyone’s wardrobe. The best part is that we are seeing crochet styles available in neutral beiges, blacks and whites if you like a modern take as well as colourful designs for a more retro 70’s feel, there is something for everyone. A stunning basic crochet dress from Best&Less is a way to dress for this trend affordably. This also brings me to my next trend.


What was once considered shocking is no longer such a brave statement, undergarments are in! Styling a sheer piece with underwear showing through is very much in fashion. Sheer garments were widely seen at New York Fashion Week, with most designers embracing the see-through garment trend from subtle to all out sprayed on nude, go as risqué or safe as you like.


In 2023 we can expect to see a lot of utilitarian wear with the return of the cargo pant. Whilst the 2000’s era has been a popular style, the utilitarian trend is heading in a summer direction with tailored silhouettes, pockets in all different placements, feel good fabrics such as silk and organza and an extension away from  the usual khaki and olive.

Relaxed Denim

Whilst the 2000’s took over 2022 with trends reappearing, we are seeing the 1990’s phenomenon: baggy jeans are back in style. The 2023 version of the jeans varies between brands but can usually be seen to have a relaxed cut and low slung cut as our high waist skinnies take a back seat and we loosen up. A culotte take on jeans makes for the perfect wide leg pair.

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