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First Look: Extra Clinic

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The concept of health is a changing one.

We’re living longer than ever before, and yet, our lives are busier than we could have imagined. We’re feeling an immense pressure to work harder, for longer. Which means we also need to maintain our bodies, our looks and our health for longer too.

And sometimes merely visiting our GP to treat our bodies when something is wrong doesn’t cut it. We’re not machines that need fixing only when we’re broken. Even machines need maintenance, cleaning, polishing and the occasional lick of paint to ensure they’re performing and looking their absolute best.

If that’s enough analogy for you, then it’s probably time to introduce Extra Clinic—a health and wellness collaboration between cosmetic injectables extraordinaire Amanda Johnson and vitality and cosmetic medical practitioner Dr Zac Turner.

Extra Clinic is designed to bridge the gap between being well and actually feeling like you’re living your best life.

“We need to start looking at health from a broader perspective,” says co-owner Amanda.

“Optimum health is about feeling and looking your best—inside and out—prevention, maintaining mental health, feeling good about yourself and the way you look.”

And that’s exactly what they specialise in.

Amanda Johnson and Dr Zac Turner.

With a background as a medic in the Airforce, Amanda went on to obtain her Bachelor of Nursing. She then pursued her studies in cosmetic and dermal sciences to transition into the world of cosmetic injectables.

Now affectionately known as ‘little scratch’ by her patients, she is well known for her exceptional attention to detail and skill for facial reconstruction and rejuvenation.

Along with being the resident doctor for Channel 9, Dr Zac dedicates his life to pro-active preventative care, inspiring others to live happier, love harder and be healthier for longer.

Blending his passion for holistic medicine with his love for cosmetic procedures, he advocates that optimum health is not just about improving vitality but creating a happier lifestyle.

“I’m really interested in how we can delay the ageing process to help people live longer happier and more functional lives,” says Dr Zac.

Together, this powerhouse duo has created a haven for health, wellness and cosmetics.

“Extra Clinic is all about looking and feeling your absolute best, in a way that’s right for you as an individual,” says Amanda.

“We called it Extra because it’s a place to go for all those extra things you need to get your body, mind and self in its best working order. It’s for helping you to feel extra comfortable in your own skin.

“It’s for taking that extra bit of care for yourself and for getting that extra bit more out of your body, and life” she adds.

Along with cosmetics injections, Extra Clinic offers an extensive range of health and wellness services like psychology, skin treatments, laser, cosmetic tattooing makeup and even Pilates.

“We tried to create a concept that would work across a few health genres whilst still working together. If you’re not feeling great, we provide all the extra options to help find out exactly what’s going on,” explains Amanda.

“If you’re stressed out, we’ll direct you to Alisha our psychologist. She’ll work with you to develop ways to balance your life to help you manage that stress and prevent burnout. If you’ve just had a baby and you want to get your body back to normal, then we’ll send you to Gabi to develop you a program to help you regain your strength, or recommend treatments to help restore your body. If you want a little time to relax then we’ll recommend a facial treatment, created and customised to treat your specific skin concerns,” she adds.

“We provide pathways to help you live your best life, rather than just being healthy.”

Personal trainer and Pilates instructor Gabi Petterwood.

That’s not to mention how Amanda and Zac have taken extra care in the design and positioning of Extra Clinic—to ensure each of their clients can be a little more discreet when visiting for a treatment.

“We wanted to make sure people felt comfortable when visiting us for whatever reason,” says Amanda.

“For example, when you walk past, you can’t see who’s sitting in the waiting room. And the discrete carpark directly out the back of our clinic means you won’t run into your colleagues, family friends or kid’s teachers when dropping in for a lunchtime quickie,” laughs Amanda.

There’s even enough room to fit a pram through the doors if you don’t want to have to explain to your mother, mother-in-law or babysitter why you need a bit of time to yourself.

Plus, the range of treatments on offer means that if someone does catch you on the fly, they won’t have a clue what you were visiting for.

“Extra is for everybody—girls, guys and unicorns. We have something for everyone and we customise everything to you, rather than try and make you fit into a box.”

“We only have people working here who are passionate about what they do. People who are happy to be at work every day, people who love and enjoy what they do.”

“And then there is the pink and gold glitter wall, the plush pink waiting room couches, the pink treatment chairs, pink bathrooms, mini basketball court and enough glowing gold logos to rival any Louis Vuitton store…just a little bit extra!”

Extra Clinic is open Tuesday to Saturday. Standard hours are 10 am–6 pm but like everything else, they do they offer a little bit extra. To work around people, and their busy lives, they take later appointments on request and boutique exercise classes are available from 6 am.

For more information visit extraclinic.com.au

Photography: Collections From Him

This editorial was created in partnership with Extra Clinic. For more information on sponsored partnerships, click here

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