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Five of the Best Skincare Clinics in Canberra

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If you have tried and tried to get your skin under control but are at a complete loss as to what’s causing your blemishes or skin discolouration then you should definitely go to a dedicated skincare clinic to see what they have to say.

Most clinics offer a free – or minimal cost – first consultation which doesn’t  oblige you to follow up with any procedures…it’s just a really handy way to get an expert opinion on what’s happening with your skin.

First, my public service announcement! As an ex-Territorian, at the end of summer I religiously have all my freckles and moles checked out for anything suspicious; my family is a sun-loving group, and several of them have had skin cancers removed.

If at any time a freckle or mole starts to change colour or become sore, bleed or weep you MUST get to your doctor or skin specialist immediately. If you spent a lot of your summer at the coast or just in the sun, a routine check-up of your skin when you see your regular doctor is a must!

My pick of Canberra’s skincare clinics

Clear Complexions

I’m yet to find someone that hasn’t heard of Clear Complexions – they’ve been around for ages and there’s a reason why…they’re amazing at what they do. I’ve personally had several treatments with their qualified nurses and doctors and have found them to be extremely good and compassionate. Not to mention if you ever meet Suzie Hoitink in the flesh her amazing skin is a billboard itself.

Clear Complexions have clinics in Bruce, Woden and Gungahlin. Email nurse@clearcomplexions.com.au or book a consultation online.

Facial Artistry

Facial Artistry is one clinic that has almost every treatment and procedure on offer – which is handy if you have several skin concerns you need addressing. They also treat skin cancer, so if you have a suspicious mole or freckle that has changed colour over time you should definitely book in an appointment.

Facial Artistry is in Manuka. Call 6255 8988 or request an appointment online.

Laser Skin Clinic

As their name suggests, Laser Skin Clinic specialises in all things laser and treats issues, like skin tags, rosacea, broken capillaries and more. They also have laser hair removal treatments if you’ve ever been interested in banishing that leg hair for good!

Laser Skin Clinic is in the city – call them on 6262 6216 or email sarahl@laserskinclinic.com.au

Lite Nurse Clinic

Emma from Lite Nurse Clinic has been in the game for over 20 years and really knows her stuff. She’s one of the few places in town to offer micro-needling, and also has peels, LED Light Therapy and much more.

You’ll find Lite Nurse Clinic in Lyneham – call 0474 915 401 or visit litenurseclinic.gettimely.com for more information.

My Genesis

Attached to the Canberra Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (CAPS) Clinic, My Genesis is the part of the business that’s all about your skin. They offer a full range of effective skincare treatments to rejuvenate your skin and their Dermal Clinicians choose to work with products that contain concentrated levels of active ingredients that guarantee change. They also offer treatment for skin pigmentation, veins and redness, acne scars and more.

My Genesis is in Deakin. Call them on 6282 1177 or contact them online.

Who have I missed? Who should be on the list?

Information found on this web site cannot be used as a substitute for informed consent and/or advice from your skin practitioner. Results will vary from patient to patient. Read our disclaimer and Terms and Conditions for more information.

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