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How to not !#$* up your brows in lockdown

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Unsure how to not undo all your brow specialist’s hard work during lockdown? Brilliant Brow Queen Ali Price of Ali Price Makeup & Brow Studio gives us the lowdown.

Some of us are absolutely more comfortable with the idea of shaping our own eyebrows—if you shape them at all—but being your own Brow Queen is a learned skill so don’t feel inadequate if you’re feeling less than confident—that’s entirely normal.

There are however safe and simple maintenance tricks to help you feel browtastic (that’s a word, I’m sure) during lockdown.

Is it worth trying to wax your eyebrows at home or is it more realistic to use tweezers?

If you’re going to remove any brow hair, some brow ground rules:

  • Don’t do it when you’re feeling rushed or distracted.
  • Do use a magnifying mirror.
  • Do make sure your tools and your hands and skin are clean.
  • Trimming is overused—be very conservative if you pick up scissors.
  • If in doubt—leave that hair there.

Tweezing is definitely the safer option of the two. With a good set of tweezers (Brow Code Pointed Precision Tweezers are my favourite), remove one hair at a time. I’d only suggest using wax on your brows if you already wax other areas of your body.

So, if you own a wax pot and feel comfortable with application and removal already—two things: practice on your leg first by drawing a brow shape and waxing around that to see how you go and then when you’re feeling confident, start with removing the excess brow hair that sits away from the main shape—then use tweezers to finish off. Try Brow Code’s at home wax system.

What’s the best approach when it comes to plucking to keep the shape?

Just recapping on the last dot point above—if in doubt, leave that hair there. Brow trends are very fluid anyway, the carefully curated ‘Insta’ brow is not the only game in town.

Very natural, untouched brows can be just as beautiful. Maybe now is the time to go into brow rehab and see how much brow hair you can grow?

But if you’re feeling keen to have a go, a simple technique involves drawing in your brow to your desired shape—it’s okay to go dark because it’s just a guide—then carefully remove the hair that sits outside this shape.

The caveats are:

  • One hair at a time following the shape that your Brow Specialist has created.
  • Tweeze in the direction of the tail to protect the hair root.
  • Do less than you think – brows are asymmetrical and it’s very easy to go too far.
  • Only remove one finger-width between the brow—this area is often over-plucked.
  • Don’t worry too much about removing hair above the brow for lockdown.

If you can source a before and after photo that is similar to your brow, then use this as a guide for shaping. You’ll often notice that ‘after’ brows appear fuller, not thinner.

How should you go about tinting your brows at home?

Colouring your brows doesn’t mean you need to get close and personal with tint. There are several amazing wash-off products out there if you’d rather leave tinting to your Brow Specialist.

My favourite is Gimme Brow by Benefit which is a coloured brow mascara. I love this product, because it has 10 shades to choose from, the wand is really small so very easy to use, it adds volume to sparse brows and covers up white hair brilliantly.

If you don’t want colour, but need to tame your brows, then my favourite product is a brow soap, like Makeup Weapons Brow Balm. These are typically more flexible, more conditioning and have superior hold compared with traditional brow gels (those these are still good).

But if you are wanting to give tinting a go, Brow Code has a professional-level DIY Henna Kit and Standard Tint Kit (this one can also be used to tint lashes) that have everything you need. Instructions are included. Some people report using supermarket hair colour for this purpose, but I would caution this by saying that these products are not intended for use near the eyes.

All Brow Code Kits come with detailed instructions.

Benefit have a virtual brow ‘try on’—so if you’re curious about how brow style can enhance your face, or alternatively, make you look a little curious yourself – it’s worth a try!

Sydney Brow Specialist Lien Davies has also produced a detailed e-book on DIY brows, which is worth a look.

What are mistakes you should avoid when it comes to tweezing, waxing and tinting?

Read the product directions and warning labels carefully before use, particularly if it’s a product that’s new to you.

Do a patch test behind your ear or on your delicate inner arm first and wait 24-48 hours before using on your brows.

If you’re not in a position to take antihistamines or antibiotics in the event of a reaction, then it’s best to avoid new products altogether.

Fake tan and very active skincare, should be avoided prior to application to avoid undesired outcomes. And remember, individual results will vary.

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