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Home Stories: Philippa Moss

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This week on Home Stories, Ashley plays detective in the Braddon apartment of CEO Philippa Moss.

Have you ever met someone and—based on a few clues and quick assumptions—figured they must have an artistic streak to them? You know those people who just have a creative vibe?

This is what happened when Cass and I went to visit the new apartment of Philippa Moss and her partner Jen in Braddon. From the moment Philippa opened the door, I figured she must either be an artist or at least a huge art enthusiast. What clues was I basing this off? Let’s go through them in detail.

Firstly, Philippa’s clothing was edgy, contrasting and stylish. While she wasn’t wearing a red beret, the attention given to the shapes and textures of the fabric she chose to wear was enough to suggest something arty was going on.

As we moved to the kitchen, my eyes were drawn to a unique clock that was equal parts abstract and functional, that complemented the intriguing fine red line geometric wallpaper of the walk-in pantry.

The simplicity of the kitchen played up these artistic features just like art against the simplicity of a big white gallery wall.

Speaking of art, in the living space was a series of paintings that Philippa lovingly referred to as “a series of bums on walls”. I thought this was the moment Philippa would own up to being an artist, but it turned out they were created by her brother.

These bums on walls, it turns out, have the best view in the house, delivered by a 240-degree balcony that takes in everything from the eagle at Defence to all of Braddon, right through to Canberra Centre.

While Cass and I enjoyed the view, Phillippa pointed out the new Raiders headquarters and joked that she’s buying a pair of binoculars and a megaphone for Jen to yell down encouragement and instructions during training.

Back inside the apartment, my third and final clue was how well the décor was considered and matched in its moody minimalism. Whether it was the living area, the dining space or the study, there was clearly an intention and result in play.

Naturally, I asked if Philippa had worked as an interior designer—only to find out that it was in fact Jen who used to be an interior designer.

As we walked through the living room, I noticed that the walls were on slight angles and, in turn, the floorboards placed on opposite angles to the flow of the room. This really added a nice complication to the simplicity of the decor.

Though no matter which way the floorboards were pointing, they still led us to the master bedroom with its rich and dark feature wallpaper—and if it looks familiar to you, that’s because it was the wallpaper used in one of the celebrated bedroom designs on a recent season of The Block.

It turns out that Philippa and Jen did modify a few areas of their new apartment—including changing the joinery and knocking out cupboards to be able to pop in a bathtub—but the floorboards weren’t one of them.

Philippa’s ease of conversation around architectural concepts would usually point to someone’s profession but, as you guessed it, she is not an architect either. Her brother is, though, as well as quite a few other family members.

In actuality, Philippa is the CEO of Meridian, an organisation that provides health and social services to Canberra’s LGBTIQA+ communities.

As such we can easily say she is a humanitarian at heart and an art lover, and the professional vibes I picked up are actually the influence of her family and her partner in her life. Ahhh, so that’s why the word ‘heart’ has ‘art’ in it!







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Photography: Cass Atkinson

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