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Is Zango worth the hype?

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You’ve probably seen Zango’s yellow and purple signage on buses, trams, TV and everywhere else over the last year. But does Canberra’s newest real estate platform live up to the hype?

I started 2020 with one dream: to get the hell out of Canberra.

My virtual moodboard for the year ahead was filled with six months of Croatian beaches, Scottish hillsides and Vietnamese food. Gap Year 2.0, here I come! Or…not.

Cue COVID-19, some crying, some credited flights and one empty suitcase. ‘Okay’, I thought to myself. ‘New dream’.

I’d been living with my parents for almost 18 months, saving up for said holiday, and I can honestly say I loved it. But with no certainty as to when international travel would resume, I was acutely aware that the next 18 months could look like Groundhog Day…and the 18 months…and the next…

I knew I needed a change, but that didn’t crystallise until I was…actually at work doing work. HerCanberra was doing some work with Zango and I was snooping around their Million Dollar Homes section to research a new article.

Not a realistic new dream for a Millennial, I know, but nice to look at, nonetheless. After I’d had my fill of inground pools and palatial kitchens, I was curious. If this was the ‘top end of town’, what would the ahem, bottom end, look like?

Having lived in the 2602 postcode for most of my life, I knew it was really hard to break into the Inner North market—especially as a first home buyer. But, I thought, imputing my search parameters, what would the cheapest house in the 2602 postcode look like?

Three houses down, I found it. It sounds corny, but it really was love at first sight. I pored over the photos. An apartment, check. Surprisingly cheap, check. Floating floors. Check. Loads of natural light, check. Then I checked myself. You’re a Millennial, I thought. You can’t afford a house—especially not by yourself.

Then I scrolled down a little. Inbuilt into the listing was a mortgage calculator by Canberra-based franchise, Nectar Mortgages. Well, I thought, this will actually prove how unrealistic this little daydream is.

But the numbers were…far less scary than I had anticipated. I sat there, staring at the listing. Had Zango just sold me my first home?

I would like to say at this point that while this is a sponsored editorial, I did not buy a house for the sake of an article. Although Zango, mates, if you’d like to sling me one of those Million Dollar jobbies, I’d be most grateful.

Did I check AllHomes to see the listing there and check for any discrepancy between the sites? Of course, I did—I’m not stupid. But there was no difference, and it was the Zango listing that I checked every day like a madwoman until the open home time was listed.

In fact, having worked with Zango, I know the only difference is that a listing on AllHomes will cost you up to $2,250 while the exact same listing on Zango will only cost you $299. No, that’s not a typo.

So, will Zango work when it comes to selling your property? Well, while I can’t predict the future, what I can say is that thousands of properties rent and sell every day on the site, and if you do try Zango, you’ll be saving a pretty penny.

I know this is a sponsored editorial and I know that means you have to take my hype with a pinch of critical thinking. But what can I say? I found my new home on Zango—and my legend of a mortgage broker, who was happy to advocate for an avocado-loving Millennial—and I’m typing this from my new living room, where there’s floating floorboards and plenty of natural light.

I never thought my new dream could look so good.

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