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Lash it up: Five places to get lash extensions

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Over time, lash extensions have become a very popular solution for those of us who don’t have beautiful natural long lashes or a steady hand when to apply them. Even though I’m a makeup artist and can apply false lashes in one quick swoop to any client just watch me apply them to myself and there are tears, tantrums and eyelash glue in every spot but where it should be.

If you’ve never heard of eyelash extensions, they are usually made from silk, mink or synthetic hair. The most popular is ‘individual’, which usually means that for every long natural lash you have, an eyelash extension is glued to it. While this might sound scary, it is extremely painless – and, no  your eyelids aren’t glued together!

Keep it up or let them fall?

It can take up to two hours to attach a new full set, where the average person may have anywhere from 30 to 80 lashes applied per eye. The extensions usually last from 3-4 weeks after which you’ll notice that the eyelash extensions will start falling out or thinning (giving you a bit of a ‘clumpy’ look rather than the lush one you started with). They can also be a little unpredictable after a night’s sleep – you can awake to find them in all sorts of strange angles!

Maintaining a full set of lashes will require an infill service (around 45 minutes) approximately every 3-4 weeks, so be prepared for the upkeep if you like them. They’re not cheap, so make sure you crunch the numbers before you commit.

Eyelash extensions have a few benefits: you look instantly ‘done’, the extensions really opening up your eyes; they not only add to the length of your lashes but also the thickness with minimal effort on your part; and they’re incredibly low on every day maintenance. You just comb them with a mascara wand in the morning and you’re good to go! Also, because they’re dark, you won’t need to use mascara at all (although as they start to fall out, you may find touching them up with a little non-waterproof mascara helps keep them looking good).

What you should and shouldn’t do when getting eyelash extensions

  • Do your research—It’s important to make sure you go with a trained professional if you’re considering eyelash extensions. These are your eyes we’re talking about. If anything goes wrong it can affect you for life!
  • Do resist the urge to pull—Lash extensions are foreign to your eyes and so at first they can feel a little odd, not painful, just odd. DO NOT PULL THEM OFF. The feeling will pass after an hour or so.
  • Keep your lashes dry. Just like a perm, your lashes can’t get wet for up to 24-48 hours after application. This could mess with the glue that’s used to apply them and decrease the life of your extensions. When you do shower, make sure you pat your eyes gently dry – don’t rub!
  • Don’t use waterproof mascara, because the make-up removers that get rid of that mascara cause the glue to break down and the lashes to fall off.

Something special

Eyelash extensions are a great thing to consider when getting married or going on holiday. I’ve had several friends and clients get eyelash extensions for their wedding so as to get the benefits throughout the honeymoon as well.

I’ve also had eyelash extensions on several occasions and be warned, you’ll be batting those lashes at yourself in the mirror for hours!

So if you’re looking to get extensions where should you go?

Be.You.Tiful Therapy

Sommer first introduced me to eyelash extensions about three years ago and for a newbie she was absolutely wonderful at explaining not only the process but the materials she uses and her recommendations. While the application process can take a while, Sommer is genuine in chatting to you and keeping you occupied while you leave your delicate eyes in her hands. She’s been doing eyelash extensions for years and even runs training courses for others looking to add eyelash extensions to their skills set.

The essentials
The place: Be. You.Tiful Therapy
Where: 2/107 Wollongong Street, Fyshwick
Web: www.beyoutifultherapy.net

Erica’s Aesthethics

Our HerCanberra chief, Amanda Whitley, was a little hesitant to try lash extensions after seeing a couple of slightly dodgy-looking jobs on friends, but she booked in with Erica from Erica’s Aesthetics on her friend’s recommendation and was thrilled. The result was a full but natural looking set of mink lashes that lasted for weeks.

The essentials
The place: Erica’s Aesthetics
Where: Two locations – 45 Jardine Street in Kingston and 187/15 Coranderrk Street in Civic
Web: www.canberracity.ericasaesthetics.com

Elegance Beauty Therapy

I’ve had several clients book into Elegance Beauty Therapy and they’ve only come back with positive things to say. Elegance also offer ‘out corner’ lashes for those just wanted to add a bit of oomph to their eyes without going the whole hog.

The essentials
The place: Elegance Beauty Therapy
Where: Centrepoint, Petrie Plaza, Canberra City.
Web: www.elegancebeauty.com.au

Luscious Glow

Luscious Glow may better known for their spray tans, but Arety is also a deft hand at eyelash extensions. A couple of my clients will only go to her, which is a great recommendation. All new sets also receive a free spray tan or eyebrow wax! Bargain…

The essentials
The place: Luscious Glow
Where: Macquarie Shopping Centre, Macquarie.
Web: www.spraytanningcanberra.com

Tantric Tanning

The folks over at Tantric Tanning offer eyelash extensions and with their afternoon and evening appointments it’s easy enough to pop over after work to get them done. It’s much easier than tying up your lunch break when it takes so long to have them applied. Why not get a spray tan while you’re and complete the package?

The essentials
The place: Tantric Tanning
Where: Shop 2b, Mawson Place, Mawson Southlands Shopping Centre
Web: www.tantrictanning.com.au

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