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Our favourite Canberra Nail Salons

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If you’re like me and can’t seem to grow your nails naturally (hello, nail biter right here!) or you struggle to do an at home mani-pedi without your fingertips looking like a kindergarten art project, then knowing where to head in Canberra for a top polish is a must!

I’m a lover of fake nails; I can’t grow mine so I regularly get gel nails applied with a shellac polish. Finding a great nail salon has been a struggle. I’ve been to many places where I’ve been cut, burnt and even once had an infection in my big toe.

While cleanliness is essential, technique is also important. You want a nail artist who actually sees you as an individual and understands that there’s no one size fits all approach to nails.

I’ve found such a nail artist – and lucky for Canberra there is more than one, otherwise I’d be slightly selfish and never tell you where my favourite place is for fear of never getting a booking there again!

I also recruited the HerCanberra writing team to tell me about their favourite nail salon and why they love it, so we have the greater Canberra area covered!

Professionail {Woden}

Yes this may be a chain, however the folks here are wonderful. They won’t chew your ear off and if you have any questions they happily answer them. This is the first nail salon I’ve been to where they actually gave me advice on combatting my dry and cracked heels.

Professionail | Westfield Woden | Open seven days – visit their website for hours | 6281 7182 | www.westfield.com.au

Jessica Peris Beautique {Harrison}

If you’re a lover of nail art and want a custom design Jessica is the person to see. Her creativity comes out in her work and a friend of mine had her business logo transformed into nail art. She’s also pretty busy and is currently not taking regular nail bookings, but is available for one-off work and special occasions – just be sure to book in advance!

Jessica Peris beautique | Harrison | Open six days (excluding Saturday) – visit website for hours | email info@jessicaperis.com | www.jessicaperis.com

Canberra Nails and Spa {Jamison Centre}

Our Editorial Coordinator, Beatrice Smith, recently discovered this little gem at Jamison Centre.

“I was a walk-in on a busy Saturday and they were friendly and fast. I got OPI Gel Polish on my fingernails ($22 – no manicure, just a little shaping) and it was neat and has lasted completely chip-free for three days already. In my opinion, OPI Gel is all about how long they leave your nails to ‘cure’ under the UV light, which is usually parallel to how keen a salon is to rush you out. They were great in this respect – no rushing at all.”

Canberra Nails and Spa | Shop 1, Jamison Centre, Jamison | 6156 0029 | Email: sonle21@hotmail.com 

Mystique Beauty {Gungahlin}

Jessica Schumann swears by Mystique Beauty in Gungahlin, saying “Karla does an amazing mani and pedi treatment just on its own; not to mention, she is one of only a handful in the ACT who offers the bio sculpture gel (natural) while many others are acrylic based gel.” If you feel like really indulging, try a Deluxe Mani or Pedicure complete with a paraffin wax treatment…

Mystique Beauty | 109 Anthony Rolfe Avenue, Gungahlin | Open five days (Tuesday to Saturday) – visit Facebook page for hours | 6242 4542 | www.facebook.com/Mystique-Beauty-Gungahlin

Blush Boutique {Gold Creek}

Event Coordinator, Belinda Neame, says that Gold Creek’s Blush Boutique has been her go-to beauty place for years.

“As soon as you walk in the door you feel a sense of luxury and warmth. The staff are professional, super friendly and always make you feel welcome. Guaranteed, you will be on a first name basis after your first visit! The services are comprehensive and personalised and I always come away feeling like I had just spent time nurturing myself.”

Blush Boutique | 5 O’Hanlon Place, Nicholls | Open six days – visit Facebook page for hours | 6242 7225 | www.theblushboutique.com.au

Nailed it by Leanne {Mobile}

For those with lots of kidlets or looking to have a bit of a girls’ night, Leanne will actually come to your home! Keep those ugg boots on, order the pizza and pour a glass of wine because getting your nails done has never been so easy!

Nailed it by Leanne | Your place | Open six days – visit Facebook page for hours | 0412 087 623 | www.facebook.com/NailedItbyLeanne

Image of hands with brightly coloured nail polish from www.shutterstock.com

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