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Our top three picks for glowing summer skin

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Everyone wants clear and glowing skin all year round, but for the Christmas season we all want to turn up the glow-factor. 

Here are our top three treatments that will impart you with luminosity worthy of the season’s festivities!


Looking for a no-downtime treatment that will give you instant skin gratification?

The Rationale PhotoGenic facial is your ultimate glow-up treatment—perfect before any event.

It uses ultrasound technology to deeply reinvigorate a dull, dry or lacklustre complexion, leaving it immediately smoother, softer and significantly more luminous.

Artisan then applies its LED Light Therapy treatment to increase collagen production so you can walk out of the clinic with skin that’s feeling hydrated and supple.

Interested in something that will still give you a glow for just $135? Then the Artisan Infusion Facial is for you.



Have some time up your sleeve to start prepping for summer? Dermapen™ skin needling is beneficial for all ages and the results are well worth the wait!

Penetrating the top layer of skin with tiny micro-needles, Artisan’s skin needling treatment creates tiny channels in the deeper layers of skin.

This launches the body’s natural healing response, stimulating new collagen and elastin formation to plump out fine lines, enlarged pores and even scarring to reveal a smooth and refined skin texture.

With results visible after six weeks, now is the perfect time to sneak in a couple of Dermapen™ skin needling treatments to unveil a resurfaced and clear complexion just in time for summer.



Laser Genesis™ is like a general pick-me-up for the skin. With no pain or downtime, it’s also the perfect introduction to rejuvenating laser treatments—but that doesn’t mean it’s not powerful.

It gently heats the upper layer of skin to stimulate collagen and elastin regrowth to soften the appearance of wrinkles and scarring, refine enlarged pores, reduce redness and improve your overall skin health and texture.

Looking for smooth and radiant skin? Then Laser Genesis™ is for you.


Ready to achieve your healthiest skin yet this summer? Artisan’s experienced team of dermal therapists, cosmetic nurses and doctors can craft a personalised treatment plan to achieve your skin-health goals.

This editorial was created in partnership with Artisan Clinics. For more information on sponsored editorials, click here

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