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Roadtest: Salt of the Earth at Le Beaute Lounge

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I take the same approach to spa menus that I do to restaurant menus: I pore over them, an internal debate raging in my head over which treatment to choose.

Salt scrubs have always been an item which piqued my interest, but I would always end up choosing a massage instead.

After experiencing a Salt of the Earth Salt Glow + Hydrate treatment and Custom Blend Pedicure at Le Beaute Lounge, I can safely say that I have a newfound love for scrubs.

Upon walking into the gorgeous spa, I took a seat and was asked to choose a scent as I filled out the preliminary paperwork. Salt of the Earth products are new and exclusive to Le Beaute. The entire range is mixed by hand and contains all natural ingredients – all you need to do is choose from the range of signature scents with essential oils, and the lovely Le Beaute ladies will blend it for you. I chose the Plum Spice – a warm, spicy and autumnal scent that was mixed into my shea butter scrub and mineral cream.

Next, my therapist showed me into the candle-lit treatment room where I stripped down and lay under a blanket until she returned. She started the treatment with a gentle massage before she applied the salt scrub. Even just the memory of this treatment gives me goosebumps, it was so blissful.

I’m no stranger to body scrubs, but usually my DIY exfoliation is done hurriedly in the shower, rubbing my skin red raw with course gloves. This experience couldn’t have been further from that – it was very similar to an aromatherapy massage, with the added benefit of gently sloughing off skin cells to reveal the glowing, baby-like skin below.

It took all my might to stay awake through the treatment, it was so relaxing. Eventually, it was time to don my plush robe as the therapist led me to the private shower to rinse off the salt. After I’d rinsed off the product (pausing to appreciate how silky my skin felt), I put on a fresh robe and returned to the treatment room.

This time, a rich mineral cream was massaged into my skin. I loved that the treatment wasn’t just focused on my limbs, but left my whole body feeling really soft and supple. I guess the reason that I’d never had a salt scrub before was because I didn’t want to forgo the relaxation that a massage provides – but the scrub was one of the most relaxing treatments I’d ever experienced. I’m not sure whether it was the dim lighting and calming music, the therapist’s expert touch, or the ultra-comforting Plum Spice scent, but I walked out of that treatment room feeling blissfully pampered and tranquil.

Next up was my Custom Blend Pedicure. I had the option of using a different scent blend, but I’d enjoyed the first so much that I decided to stick with it. To begin, I sat back with a warm chai tea while my feet were soaked in a warm bath and my therapist blended the scent into the shea butter scrub. Once they were suitably softened, she scrubbed my feet, paying attention to my (shamefully) coarse heels. My cuticles were tidied, and then after a rinse, the mineral cream was massaged onto my feet and legs. The polish collection is extensive, but I eventually settled on a demure nude shade.

After the pedicure, I was asked to choose a product from the Salt of the Earth Range into which I dropped some Warm Spice scent and mixed in myself. Not only was I grateful to be able to use some of the product and scent in my own home, but it also served as a souvenir of my decadent afternoon.


Throughout both my treatments, I felt really well looked after by the Le Beaute team. At no point did I feel rushed (despite being there for hours). The experience was indulgent and relaxing from the second I walked in until the moment I left. Not only that, but I left with baby-smooth skin, polished nails and a product to take home.

This is the ultimate gift for someone who really deserves to be pampered – and with mother’s day this weekend, I couldn’t think of a more luxurious, decadent gift than an idyllic afternoon at Le Beaute Lounge.

You can find out more about Mothers Day and other spa packages at Le Beaute Lounge’s website.

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The author received her treatments free of charge from Le Beaute Lounge. It complies with the Australian Consumer and Competition Commission’s guidelines on Online Reviews.

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