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Street Stylin’: Winter workwear

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On a day when it definitely should have been snowing, we hit the city streets to suss out the winter style of local Canberrans and found everything from bargain coats to cashmere sweaters…


John, Turner. Wearing: Nudie jeans, Aquila shoes, Hugo Boss coat and weathered label cashmere sweater.

“My style is preppy, a bit European but mostly classy and professional with a casual flare.”



Ana, Garran. Wearing: Salvo’s top.

I got this top from the Salvo’s and you feel really good when you find those treasures. It only cost me $6 which is such a bargain. I go through phases were I want to be really minimalistic and simple and than other times I want clashing patterns and to wear something more bright and eye catching. I’m obsessed with wearing chokers [necklace] at the moment so I always have one on everywhere I go.”


Henry, Kambah. Wearing: Oakley jacket, Enjoi tee and Custom shoes.

“I love casual Friday so my style today is Casual…Friday. My style usually is casual, street, skate, grungey and surfy. I like wearing tees that are graphic but plain with minimal colours. I like to find bargains and not spend a lot on over priced clothes. Ideally, I like to wear outfits that are under $100.”



Matt, Kaleen. Wearing: Ziggy denim jeans, Arvest shirt, Target coat and thrifted bag.

My style is new age lumber-sexual. I like to mix it up. I have my go to quality items and some stuff is thrifted. If I find that hidden gem or cool sweater from a thrift shop than I’ll take that.”


Marilena, Crace. Wearing: Bloom coat.

“I have no style just whatever is warm at the moment. I love winter because you can dress up warmly and put lots of colours with it.”


Harry, Wollongong. Wearing: Oxford blazer, Just Jeans sweater and Cotton On shirt. 

“My style is blue…blue has always gone well with me so I tend to stick with it. I’m currently interning so I really wanted to impress with my professional style. In winter I tend to wear more jeans than I would in summer. I like to shop at mainstream fashion outlets for convenience and bargains.”

Photos and words by Hayley O’Neill.

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