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The ‘needle-less’ face-lift has arrived in Canberra—so naturally, we tried it

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It’s 9.30 am on a Thursday morning and I’m lying on a comfortable bed at the CAPS Clinic in Deakin, about to get a facelift.

Dermal Clinician Brooke gently swipes an alcohol pad across my lower back and attaches a ‘grounding pad’, before letting me settle onto the pillow and adjusting the fuzzy blanket over my legs, ready for my speedy, pain-free 20-minute procedure.

Confused by the lack of surgical prep and anesthesia? That’s because this is no ordinary facelift. Billed as the solution for ‘less wrinkles, more lift’ and suitable for all skin types, EMFACE, offered exclusively at CAPS Clinic, is a treatment designed to stimulate collagen production and restore and elevate facial tissue, the combined effects of which ‘lift’ the face, promoting firmer, bouncier skin—with no needles or surgery.

How? Through heat and radiofrequency. Simply put, your muscles will painlessly contract during the 20-minute treatment, which Brooke explains causes them to increase in density and naturally lift your face (simply put, it’s like a gym for your face).

EMFACE is delivered through three pads that are placed on your cheeks and forehead, which also heat during the treatment, using Sync RF technology to increase levels of collagen and elastin fibres. The total treatment is four 20-minute sessions, ideally delivered seven days apart. You can read more about the science behind EMFACE here.

“EMFACE works on the elevator muscles in the cheeks and the frontalis muscle of the forehead, which isn’t somewhere we usually target with anti-wrinkle injections because it can cause a dropped brow,” explains Brooke.

“What we’re doing is creating super-maximal contractions, which means your muscles are contracting to their full potential. During the treatment, you’ll actually feel the muscles working, with the sensation up into your scalp. You’ll also feel your cheeks being pulled into a big cheesy grin, which often causes people to get the giggles.”

I can confirm, this is exactly what happened.

Once the grounding pad is in place and I’m lying down, my face is cleansed and prepped with an alcohol wipe before three pads are applied to both cheeks and forehead. Brooke connects me to the machine, walking me slowly through the process and what sensations I might feel before setting it to 25% power.


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The pads begin to heat, which feels much like a hot stone massage and then a low buzzing sensation begins to cycle through the pads. First, my forehead gently contracts, then my cheeks, then forehead and cheeks. If you’ve ever used a TENS machine for period pain, it’s a similar sensation.

As Brooke increases the power to 50% the contractions become obvious, causing my forehead to raise and my cheeks to spring into a grin. It’s mildly discombobulating at first given my face is reacting without my permission, but not painful. As we increase to 100%, the contractions become mildly uncomfortable as my muscles scrunch, similar to how abdominal crunches become a bit pinch-y as you settle into the workout, but I quickly get used to it. Brooke and I giggle as we try to film my hilarious nose scrunches and facial expressions.

After 20 minutes, Brooke gently peels the pads off my face and back before applying a gentle moisturiser and sunscreen. My skin is pink and blotchy immediately afterwards but calms down within 15 minutes and I go straight back to the office as EMFACE requires no downtime.

Five minutes after Bea’s treatment.

I had worn eye makeup to the treatment but forgotten to pack any face products so I applied some light face powder from the compact in my handbag and after an hour my skin was completely back to normal, with the only post-care advice to make sure I drink lots of water for the 72 hours after.

One hour after Bea’s treatment.

To be clear, my treatment was simply to be able to write about the experience, as Brooke will be the first to tell you that at 32 years of age, I’m not an ideal candidate for EMFACE. While it is the treatment for those who looking for an overall lift, Brooke says an ideal time to consider the treatment is from 35 years onwards, when collagen production begins to decline, with results seen four to six weeks after the final session.

Brooke explains that CAPS Clinic Founder and renowned Specialist Plastic Surgeon Dr Alastair Taylor often recommends EMFACE to those who are seeking whole-face rejuvenation but don’t suit or want a surgical approach. It’s also a great solution for those looking for a non-invasive and non-injectable option.

Having recently celebrated 25 years as Canberra’s premier plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic clinic, Dr Alastair and his CAPS Clinic team are experts in recommending the right treatment to suit both patients’ skin concerns and preference for the type of treatment they’d feel most comfortable with.

The best part? CAPS Clinic is currently offering a complimentary one-hour Skin Analysis during which a Dermal Technician will examine and assess the condition of your skin and discuss any concerns you have had, including aging, sun-damage, rosacea, and vascular issues. Call (02) 6282 1155 to book your Skin Analysis today. From here, your technician can recommend treatment options for your unique skin concerns.

For some people, EMFACE might be a suitable option, while other concerns can be treated with Aspect Skincare’s Aspect Platinum range, a high-performance range of cosmeceutical skincare that is exclusive to CAPS Clinic in Canberra. Using active ingredients and high-tech delivery systems, Aspect’s range is suitable for all skin types and forms a crucial part of CAPS Clinic’s skin treatment plans.


What: EMFACE at CAPS Clinic
Cost: $3200 for four sessions with optional maintenance sessions at 4-6 months
Phone: (02) 6282 1155 for more information
More information:

Make sure to seek advice from CAPS Clinic to decide whether this treatment is right for you. 

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