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The Ultimate Survival Guide: Ben and Jerry’s Outdoor Cinema

Samara Gentle

The season of outdoor cinema is back! And having missed Ben and Jerry’s Outdoor Cinema last year, I was stoked to attend the opening night launch earlier this month.

I absolutely love the concept of enjoying our beautiful summer weather with an outdoor move, on the lake, with an ice-cream and a cold beer. It’s such a nice change of pace from sitting in a freezing cold cinema, getting uncomfortably close to the stranger next to you for warmth.

Being a Sunday, it was a Sundae Session – bottomless Ben & Jerry’s for everyone (until they ran out) and free bean bags, lounge chairs and blankets*.

Before the movie begins, there are a few games you can play to win small prizes like Putt Putt and there’s a live band to create that really nice summer afternoon vibe. The movie starts a few hours after you arrive so there’s plenty to entertain you, or if you go with a few friends you can entertain each other!

Not having been to the outdoor cinema before I learnt a few lessons that I’m very keen to pass on to those who are thinking of going!

Take your own or hire chairs at the venue

Given you’re at the outdoor cinema for about five hours, I highly recommend you take a comfortable outdoor chair or splurge on one of the chairs you can hire. Sitting on the ground, even with a picnic blanket would do my back in. Prepare to rent or take your own.

Bring cash

Unfortunately it’s a cash-only venue so make sure you have some on hand! We turned up with just $5 and had to split a bottle of water between us because there’s no nearby ATM. Lucky there was bottomless ice-cream to fill us up!

Take Food

Like anything, purchasing food at an event can add up so to keep it fairly cheap a lot of people take eskies and baskets of picnic goodness—cheese, biscuits, strawberries…the works. I was really impressed with some of the platters people brought, so why not get creative and make the most of it? We’ve got a few ideas here.

Pack sunscreen

If you head to the venue at the opening time of 5.30pm I highly recommend you take some sunscreen and invest a little time for some suncare. The sun was beating down on us for a good two hours before it started to set and I had a lovely burn tan happening from it. Also a hat and sunnies will do wonders!

Take a jumper and blanket

It can get really cool once the sun has gone down, so a jumper and blanket are essential. Of course, you can hire a blanket at the venue but it’s better to take your own so you don’t miss out and it’s a great excuse to snuggle up with your other half under the stars.

*Bean bags and lounge chairs are available to hire with the purchase of movie tickets. 


Samara Gentle

Samara is a Canberra based freelance makeup artist who specialises in bridal and event makeup but loves the creativity of fashion and editorial. She has a passion for sharing her pro knowledge and seeing other women embrace makeup to help share their personal style. More about the Author

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