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All Aboard the #LitRail: How to do a light rail pub crawl in Canberra

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Toot toot, beep beep. This is your captain speaking. It’s time to get lit. Lit railed, that is.

Personally, one of the things I was most looking forward to as the Light Rail came into our life in Canberra was creating a #LitRail pub crawl. Now, that time has arrived.

Naturally, this itinerary is not a suggestion to board the Light Rail drunk and disorderly (in fact, you might get fined or asked to leave if you do). This is simply a gentle reminder that the Light Rail provides a great designated driver for your evening out.

A glass carriage, if you will, that will whisk you from A to B. Or perhaps from an Appletini in Gungahlin to a Bellini in Braddon.

Responsibly and respectfully, of course.

All aboard: Gungahlin (Gungahlin Place stop)

If you’re a Millennial like myself or older and/or live anywhere below EPIC, it’s still somewhat surprising that Gungahlin houses a giant slice of Canberra’s population and now boasts a handful of excellent bars beloved by locals.

Don’t believe me? Hop aboard, son.

Gungahlin bars come in a variety of vibes but there’s one to suit every group. For larger groups or those seeking a pub atmosphere, head to Young & Frisky or Cornerstone while those looking to start the night with a cocktail can nab a table at Siren Bar.

For ultimate convenience? Start at Cypher Brewing on Hinder Street.

Once you’re ready to move on, top up that Transport Canberra card (your sexiest accessory for a night out) and hop aboard!

Find the Transport Canberra Light Rail timetable here.

First Stop: Dickson (Dickson Interchange stop)

While Dickson houses exactly three bars (Dickson Taphouse, The Tradies and The Canberra Wine House), what it lacks in watering holes it makes up for in oodles of restaurants and right now, dinner is probably sounding pretty good.

There’s no need to think ahead. Just walk to Woolley Street, close your eyes, point your finger, spin around three times and whatever you’re facing when you open your eyes will be great.

Vietnamese, Korean, Indian, dim sum, Japanese, Thai, dumplings…we are truly spoilt for choice in Canberra’s version of Chinatown. Many of these venues are BYO so there’s the option of a beveragino or two while eating and don’t forget a gelato for good luck at Spilt Milk on your way back to the light rail.

Next stop: Upper Braddon (Ipima Street stop)


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Time to take this baby sky high. Head to The Rex Hotel and take a lift up to Howling Moon, one of Canberra’s fave rooftop bars. Maybe you’re in time to see the sunset or watch the stars come out. Maybe you’re just here for the killer cocktail menu. Whatever the vibe, grab a table under the fairy lights and enjoy.

Feel like a walk? Make this stop a double whammy and take a short stroll across Northbourne Avenue and down Condamine Street to reach The RUC. Barefoot bowls might be over for the day, but you can still enjoy a drink on their terrace or split a bowl of hot chips (just me?).

Final stop: Braddon, the city and beyond (Eloura Street)


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Welcome to the final stop of our #LitRailTramCrawl. Technically, there’s one more light rail stop between Braddon and the city, but let’s be honest, you’ll probably just walk from here unless you’re really extra.

Now you’re on the fringes of the city, you’re spoiled for choice. If you’re committed to the crawl, why not start at Midnight Bar or Volstead Repeal and work your way towards High Jinks, the city’s southernmost bar, nestled in a basement in NewActon?

Going off GoogleMaps, on the way you could hit (*takes deep breath*) Assembly, Rizla, Hopscotch, Alcove, WineRoom, Knightsbridge Penthouse, Civic Pub and Tipsy Bull in Braddon before heading across to Bootleg, Dolly’s, Fiction, Bar Beirut, Blue Eyes and King O’Malley’s in Garema Place before walking across to Transit Bar, White Rabbit, The Shaking Hand, Blackbird, Brew Nation, Dear Prudence, sideway, One22, Mooseheads, Reload and Luna Bar in and around the Sydney Building.


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Across Northbourne Avenue, the Melbourne Building plays host to Bleachers, Bar Rochford, Molly, Highball, PJ’s in the City, Smith’s Alternative and Amici.


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From there, it’s a hop, skip and a jump to 88mph (cheeky spot of karaoke on the way through, lads?), Zoo Bar, Cicada Bar, Badger & Co (hello, ANU!) and finally, Parlour Bar, your last stop before you head on down to High Jinks.

If you ever do this, please contact us. We will give you a medal.

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