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Square One: How Pura Holistic Hair Studio turned passion into purpose

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When she was just 16 years old, Blair Lewis dreamed of opening a place where pampering could meet healing and nature could meet nurture.

Just beginning her career in the beauty industry as an apprentice hairdresser—inspired by a salon on the Gold Coast—she remembers turning to her mum and saying, “One day I’m going to open an organic hair salon where it’s going to be completely different to anything else.”

But then life happened, and her dream was placed on the back burner as she worked as a hairdresser and as a holistic coach for several years. Until she decided to follow her heart and open a space that combined all her passions. That’s how Pura Holistic Hair Studio was born.

“I do coaching, I’m studying Naturopathy and I thought ‘How can I bring this all together?’. It’s interesting how the universe works—I jumped online to have a look at Facebook Marketplace and this space popped in Gold Creek,” Blair explains.

“It was already semi-set up as a salon and I knew it was a message from the universe telling me to do this now.”

Opening Pura Holistic Hair Studio in Gold Creek in February 2020, Blair knew right from the start that she had to bring everything she is passionate about and values to the salon—including holistic health.

“It may not seem to fit with hairdressing, but it does,” she says. “Pura had to be a space that incorporated healing and wellness as well as the aesthetics of hair…I wanted to make sure it’s a space where people can leave feeling well rather than just having their hair done.”

But it was a Square Reader that really helped her get off the ground.

“Prior to Pura, I was doing NLP coaching and I would go to expos and different events where people asked me to speak. For people to purchase sessions with me, it was so easy to have a Square reader because I could cart it around,” she says.

“It was so easy to access—you can purchase it from Officeworks! And because I found it so easy, I decided to stick with it and use a Square Reader because we sometimes go to weddings fairs and other events like that.”

Loving the mobility, the ability to see all the transactions, and its ability to text or email receipts (saving paper), it was the ease of the contactless EFTPOS machine that allowed Blair to really kick off Pura and its services.

“It’s really good for small businesses to start with…you don’t have to go to a bank, you don’t have to apply, you don’t have to sign contracts, you just go and get it and you can get started straight away.”

Now, Blair also uses a Square Terminal at both salons for EFTPOS and credit transactions.

Explaining that sticking to her values while placing plant over profit helped her successfully open two locations in the space of three years (a second Pura Holistic Hair Studio is now open in Narrabundah), Blair says just sitting in her salons and looking around at what she’s achieved is her biggest ‘wow’ moment.

“It’s those everyday things. When I sit back and think ‘Look at us making a difference’, I’m really proud of the way the staff approach the clients, the philosophy, and how the whole thing meshes together,”

“We have won awards…but I wouldn’t say that they are my ‘wow’ things, they’re trophy moments.”

Currently offering hair services (including ethical hair extensions), naturopathy, and wellness coaching, with plans to expand to more locations, Blair’s ultimate goal is to create a day-retreat experience where people can come and recharge their energy while being pampered.

And in five years’ time—to keep turning her passion into purpose without fuss—she’ll still be using Square.

“I’ve already started this, but I’ll be doing an education program that teaches other salons how to bring the holistic experience right into their space,” she says. “But also, how to create well-being for hairdressers—that’s another education program that we’ll be doing.”

“If I was to go somewhere, being able to take Square with me is so handy. The fact that it’s mobile, the     fact that you can do all those things on there … it’s such an easy thing to use.”

Square brings you the tools that connect every side of your business. Find out more at squareup.com.


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