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Submit your real Wedding

Interested in submitting a wedding? Here’s what to do.

Weddings don’t necessarily have to be Canberra-based, but we prefer that the bride and groom are locals.

As we like to deliver exclusive content to our readers, please ensure the photos have not appeared on or been submitted to any other blogs or magazines.

We prefer submissions to come from the photographer as they own the publishing rights to the photos, however if you are sending your own wedding please confirm we have the photographer’s permission to publish their photos.

Please submit 5-10 photos of your wedding. This should include images of the bridal party, reception styling and ceremony to allow us to get a sense of your wedding. If your images can not be uploaded, please use www.dropbox.com and paste in the link into the comments field below.

If your wedding has been accepted, our editorial team will send you an email asking for further information! For any other questions or concerns please email [email protected]