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Three summer brunch recipes to beat the back to work blues

Chrissy Dupé

It’s always painful heading back to work after the Christmas break.

And after a full working week, the last thing you want to have to worry about is having to be somewhere on Saturday morning. After all the Christmas and New Year’s parties, a few lazy weekends are just what the doctor ordered – the kind where all you need to do is drag your butt out of bed, put on the coffee and chow down on something delicious.


This crazy hot weather isn’t showing any signs of letting up, so you’ll need something fresh, extra delicious and quick and easy to make for brunch this weekend. The kind thing you can whip up with minimal fuss and enjoy in the comfort of your pyjamas.

So without further ado, here are three fresh summer brunch recipes to beat the back to work blues. Bon appetit!

Strawberries and cream hotcake


A little skillet filled with deliciousness. Strawberries and cream is a classic summer flavour combination, and I like to imagine this is what would happen if a strawberry muffin and a hotcake stack had a food baby. Get the recipe here:

Baby bircher pots

bircher museli

These little bircher pots are fun, fresh and packed with flavour. They’re also healthy and full of superfood-y goodness. The recipe makes a big batch so you can serve a bunch of people, or save some for Sunday. Get the recipe here.

Smoked salmon brunch stack

Smoked-salmon-brunch-stack- (1)

I love this one! It’s easy peasy and so yummy. The textures and flavours really work well together –  the crunch of the potato rosti and the softness of the runny poached egg, topped off with silky smoked salmon and a generous dollop of créme fraîche. Get the recipe here.


Chrissy Dupé

Chrissy is a lover of lists and a self-confessed control freak. Her mission is to help other women with a strong need to be in control learn how to harness the power of their inner control freak and use it for good. Having lived through the devastation that being control freak without focus brings, and going out the other side stronger, Chrissy developed a series of hands-on, zero 'fluff' programs to help women control their freak, instead of letting it run them into the ground. Her philosophy is based on the little-known fact that control freaks are actually born for greatness... and that without them, the world would fall into disorganised chaos. You can find out more at More about the Author

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