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Five Beauty Products for Dad this Father’s Day

Samara Gentle

Dads are soooo hard to buy for!

Mine is particularly frustrating because he’s semi-retired, so if there’s anything he needs he has the time to just go out and gets it for himself. It doesn’t leave a whole lot of options for us kids come birthdays, Christmas or Father’s Day.

For many years I would just get him a bottle of his favourite liquor. Well he now has a healthy stockpile of about 10 and he had to ask me to stop buying him bottles of Southern Comfort! So I’m back at square one.

Lucky for me my Dad is a fan of beauty products and likes trying new things. Being a bit of a beauty product lover I’ve been on the hunt for man products for a while and I’ve got some top-notch items that might make your Dad smile this Father’s Day.

Australian Man Hands moisturiser

If your Dad spends his time working with his hands whether it be laboring, gardening, hardware, mechanics, his hands have probably seen better days. Couple that with the extremely harsh climates we experience in Canberra, his hands are probably like cheese graters.

While guys don’t like to carry around hand moisturiser in their pockets, they should get in the habit of popping some on before going to bed.

Australian Man Hands moisturiser is a great option for your hard-handed Dad. It’s completely natural and unscented – manly right? It’s paraben free and includes some great moisture restoring ingredients such as macadamia oil and almond oil.

Order it online through the Aussie Man Hands Etsy Store for just $21.74.

man hands

Tattoo Oil

Tattoos are becoming very common place and a lot of men are getting their skin inked, however once they have they don’t do anything to prolong vibrancy of their tattoo.

That’s where tattoo oil steps in, it helps nourish the skin where the tattoo is and extend the longevity of the colour.

If your Dad has tattoos he’s proud of but doesn’t look after them, grab some Bare Bones oil moisturiser and tell him how important it is to look after his skin where the tattoo is!

Order it online from the Anchor and Bliss shop for just $34.90


Massaging Heat Balm

As we get older our bones and muscles do get a little more tender. If your Dad has a sports injury or maybe suffers from a bad back he probably uses something like Tiger Balm to relieve the pain.

I’ve got a much more natural product which works wonders and your Dad will thank you for. This Massaging Heat Balm is great for any tender spots, I actually use it on my calves when they’re sore from running and it works a treat.

Order it online through the Dirty Hippie Cosmetics Etsy Store for just $18.

Dollar Beard Club Membership 

If your Dad is sporting some very on-trend facial hair, he might be in need of a Beard Kit from Dollar Bear Club.

Beards have become all the rage recently, with suppliers struggling to keep up with the demand for beard-friendly products and services. Into this void stepped the Dollar Beard Club, (a tongue in cheek adversary of the Dollar Shave Club) who, for as little as $1AUD per month, will send your Dad some supplies to keep his beard looking sharp.

$1 per month will buy him a small bottle of Beard Oil from the Uncut Beard Co. (so a year’s pre-paid membership will cost you a minimum of $12, a great deal for those a little light in the pockets) but if you’d like to spoil your Dad, you might want to add things like Beard Wax, Shampoo or even a Beard Brush for a few more dollars.

The good thing about this gift is that it keeps on giving, sending your Dad a package every single month, so your gift will last well beyond Sunday lunch.


Shaving serum and after shave care

Unlike the ones above, some men have the very boring chore of having to shave and depending on the guy he made need to shave every 1 – 3 days for that clean cut look.

Dragging a razor over the skin is very abrasive and traumatising for facial skin, it can also result in in grown hairs or little cuts over the face.

Think about when you shave your legs, they feel very raw and tingly afterwards right? So we moistrise our legs so they’re smooth and subtle.

A lot of guys don’t follow suit when it comes to their face. They just shave and run, using chemical laden products in the process.

Ash & Clay have come to the rescue with their Man Bag set. It comes with a shaving serum, which is full of natural ingredients, and because it’s a serum it doesn’t foam like store bought shaving cream.

They then include Hemp & Pine serum, a perfect follow up to nourish the skin after the traumatic experience that is shaving.

Order yours online through the Ash & Clay Store for just $55 or you can find Ash & Clay at the Old Bus Depot Markets.



Samara Gentle

Samara is a Canberra based freelance makeup artist who specialises in bridal and event makeup but loves the creativity of fashion and editorial. She has a passion for sharing her pro knowledge and seeing other women embrace makeup to help share their personal style. More about the Author

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