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Does your boot camp instructor have a master’s degree in burpees?

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No? We know one who does.

Having a degree in burpees is something many fitness lovers and instructors might boast about, but it’s no joke to Steve Bingley, who will submit his master’s thesis on this exact topic in a matter of weeks.

Of course, it goes a little deeper than just burpees. Having served with the Australian military as a paratrooper for seven years, Steve undertook a Bachelor of Sports Coaching and Exercise Science at the University of Canberra, where he met Dr. David T Martin, former Senior Sports Physiologist with the Australian Institute of Sports (AIS) and current Director of Performance Research & Development with the Philadelphia 76ers NBA team.

Realising that Steve’s military background gave him an edge when it came to the mental and emotional side of coaching as well as the physical, Dr Martin asked Steve to come onboard at the AIS Combat Centre, developing mental resilience training for sports drafts, team bonding, international visits and even Olympic Games preparation.

It was during this time that Steve was offered the opportunity to undertake further study in human physiology, and that’s where the burpees come in, with Steve’s research thesis focusing on the comparison between two High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) methods – burpees vs sprint training.

When he’s not at researching or consulting, Steve pours his love of scientifically-based training into Century Strength and Conditioning, which he runs alongside wife Mellita. Together with their team of qualified coaches, they run morning and evening boot camps in Woden and Gungahlin as well as app-based remote training.

Century’s boot camp

As Mellita explains, the couple saw a gap in the Canberra market for a boot camp that was not only scientifically-based but also a welcoming, family environment.

Mellita’s passion for fitness started when she ran her first City2Surf and was “inspired by how the event attracted people of all backgrounds and abilities to come together, do something active, and achieve something to be proud of.”

It’s this same encouraging environment she strives to bring to Century’s boot camps, with Mellita’s passion for inclusion and Steve’s experience of comradery under adversity during his time in the military driving them forward.

Steve, Mellita and their family.

One of the largest outdoor fitness providers in Canberra, Century’s boot camps have the capacity to train sizeable groups due to their location and focus on mainly bodyweight exercise, meaning that their sessions can attract up to 50 regular participants. But far from being daunted, Mellita says this creates a welcoming environment with a wide range of abilities and fitness levels represented.

“Our oldest client is a grandmother who is turning 70 this year, and we have full families that train with us – parents and three kids.”

With a minimum four-week commitment for each round of boot camps, Mellita explains that all sessions are periodised (individually scaled), so not only are all fitness levels catered for, but that the program will continue to challenge everyone as the weeks go on, from elite sportspeople to those just starting out. A very important factor when Century’s longest clients have been coming for over eight years.

Mellita and Steve (centre) with their fellow Century trainers.

For Mellita and Steve, this periodisation is the key to Century’s offerings and revolves around the organisation’s ethos of Infinitus Potentia – the idea that each individual has limitless potential, when put in the right environment.

If you’re not located near Woden or Gungahlin, there is also the opportunity to train remotely through Century’s app or go even further with their EAT (Education And Training) app, which gives remote and boot camp participants the opportunity to deep dive into the science behind their training and nutrition. This is complemented with a complete eight week periodised home workout plan with mindfulness inclusions.

the essentials

What: Century Strength and Conditioning
When: Monday – Friday. See the website for more information
Where: Woden and Gungahlin
Website: centurystrong.com.au

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