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HerCanberra’s OG nutritionist set to change the conversation around healthy eating in Australia

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You might know (and love) her work as a HerCanberra contributor, but now nutritionist and founder of the Healthy Eating Hub, Kate Freeman is hoping to change the conversation around eating in Australia.

On a mission to kick fad diets to the kerb by replacing food stress with the confidence of healthy eating habits, Kate taking her online healthy food habit-building program even further with the development of a healthy habit-building app—thanks to a $250K investment from a private investor. 

The app is designed to help users learn evidence-based nutrition information, trust their bodies, make food decisions that they feel good about and build habits that last a lifetime.

“Fad diets can deliver quick results, but they also come with stress and anxiety. They rarely deliver long-term health outcomes, and they frequently end up damaging the individual’s relationship with food,” says Kate. 

“The problem is that fad diets are focused on rules and limiting choice. Healthy eating is all about developing a deeper understanding of food and yourself to give you options and flexibility. That’s what we teach our clients”

“It’s time that the most influential nutrition messages in Australia came from qualified nutrition professionals; not advertising, celebrities or people who’ve ‘done their own research’. “

Coming with lots of great recipes and food ideas (but also important behaviour-changing principles) there will be no need to turn to Google or social media—everything will be right at the user’s fingertips and connect them with a team of fully qualified dietitians for one-on-one support. 

Expanding The Healthy Eating Group Pty Ltd reach throughout Australiaand eventually, internationally it’s the ultimate form of food freedom: eating without rules and instead taking a practical approach to nutrition ( because Kate understands that sometimes chocolate is necessary…).

“At the end of the day, people need to be empowered to make their own choices about food, in the context of their individual lives and bodies,’” says Kate.

“Healthy eating is a skill that can be mastered without the emotional manipulation from the diet industry.”

Today, Canberra. Tomorrow the world. And we saw her first!

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