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Free yoga and wellness? Yes please.

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Celebrate International Yoga Day at Barton’s Hotel Realm with a free yoga and wellness session this Friday 21 June.

Do you know your crow from your cat pose?

Whether the answer is ‘yes’ or ‘heck no’, you’re invited to celebrate International Yoga Day at Barton’s five-star Hotel Realm with a free yoga and wellness session on Friday 21 June from 6–7 am (perfect for a little pre-work pick me up).

Hosted by seasoned yoga practitioner Heidi Horne, the class will highlight both the physical and mental benefits of yoga, with a focus on overall wellbeing.

Heidi Horne will lead the International Yoga Day class.

Heidi began her yoga journey over 25 years ago and says her vision is to make people feel amazing as they let go of the groundhog-ness of life and make the everyday extraordinary and fun.

“I believe that there’s more to wellness than perfecting a downward dog pose, hours of tribal chanting, or consuming a mountain of kale,” says Heidi, who will lead the session in the Hotel Realm’s National Ballroom.

“Instead, I believe happy, healthy living is about putting back the balance, relaxation and laughter into your life, so you can feel wonderful every day. That’s why I’m passionate about inspiring everyday people [to] feel healthier, happier and more positive, by guiding them to create their own journey to optimal health.”

“I love teaching people how to combine modern living with the five pillars of balance (right exercise, right breathing, right thinking, right relaxation and right nutrition) so they feel more energetic, positive and in control.”

These pillars align perfectly with Doma Hotels. Known for their focus on balance, wellbeing and health, the extensive Doma wellness offering includes gyms (think Hotel Realm’s Evo and Brassey Hotel’s Hale), spas (Mudd Spa and Hale’s luxe Scandinavian spa), yoga classes, health foods (Maple + Clove’s delicious wholefoods inspired menu) and more.

After the session ends, indulge in a delicious breakfast platter before starting your day feeling grounded and relaxed. Namaste.

the essentials

What: International Yoga Day, wellness and yoga session with Heidi Horne
When: Friday 21 June from 6–7 am
Where: Hotel Realm’s National Ballroom, 18 National Circuit, Barton
Cost: Free
To register: Email

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