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Get ACTIVE: July

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In these difficult times, it’s never been more important to stay active—both for your physical and mental health.

Thanks to some amazing Canberra businesses we’re making it easy to keep active with virtual + in-person fitness activities!

For the last 6+ months we’ve been hosting HerCanberra’s Get ACTIVE with the support of the ACT Government’s Participation Innovation Fund. It was planned to be an entire year of free fitness activities to not only help you get active but to facilitate social connection.

Well, these times demand we shake things up a bit, so we’ve joined with local fitness providers to offer a range of free virtual fitness activities, plus some in-person activities for gyms that have COVID-safe plans in place.

Before we unveil what’s on offer for June, we’d like to encourage you to support your local fitness industry in a paid capacity, if you can.

So, if you get a taste of an activity you love in our free series, please consider joining in as a paid member in future—it could make a real difference to a business surviving the current COVID-19 crisis.

Before we begin

Please note that by choosing to participate in a class, you do so at your own risk. Take a class that is your level and if at any time you feel a class is beyond your strength, level of skill and overall level of flexibility then only proceed with caution.

If you have an existing injury seek advice from a medical practitioner. If you have any questions with regards to a specific fitness provider’s insurance, please contact them directly, as they are individually responsible as the deliverer of the session.

The instructor may require you to sign a health waiver at the beginning of the session. HerCanberra accepts no liability for any injuries that may occur.


Stellar Canberra

Lower body resistance band session

The main benefits of this workout are glute and hip strength, pelvic control and stability, and core strength.

All of these areas ultimately work together to keep your body stable throughout exercises and daily activities—so it’s important to keep them all strong and ready for whatever you throw at them

When: Wednesday 1 July at 11 am
Where: Online via Facebook Live
Link: facebook.com/stellarcanberra

Xtend Barre Canberra City

Xtend Barre Teaser Class

Xtend Barre takes elegant dance-inspired moves and adds the exhilaration of high-intensity workouts.

Designed to help you feel the power, feed the determination and see amazing results. This full-body workout has been created to empower everyone to improve their fitness levels—whether you’re an athlete, just toning up or wanting to lose weight.

This is your opportunity to try our signature class and talk to our highly talented and trained instructors about your fitness goals. All fitness levels are welcome and no dance experience is required!

When: Sunday 5 July. Class times: 8.30 am, 9.30 am, 10.30 am
Where: The Social Club, 48-50 Jardine St, Kingston
Instructor: Owner & Director Lauren McBryde
Event Link: eventbrite.com.au/o/xtend-barre-canberra-city-29718939471

Jordan Schouten

Strength and Mobility

Get your body moving, mobile and strong with our strength and mobility session.

This class is designed to increase movement throughout all the major joints, as well as activate and strengthen the large muscle groups.

This is a class you will definitely feel the next day, in all the right places. No equipment needed.

When: Monday nights at 6 pm
Where: Online via Zoom
Instructor: Jordan Schouten
Zoom Link: us02web.zoom.us/j/89743753845

Flow Yoga Canberra

Morning Flow

Hatha Flow Yoga Class suitable for all levels. Join for whole body morning stretch to set us up for the day.

When: Tuesday 7 July from 7 am to 7.45 am
Where: Online, via Livestream
Instructor: Odona Farska
Pre-Register: Email odona@flowyogacanberra.com to receive the class link.

Freak out to chill out

Relaxation Class

From Freak-out to Chill-out is a 30-minute relaxation session hosted by Splendour Yoga, inviting you to release the stress and anxiety of living in a COVID-19 world, so you can emerge restored and rejuvenated, ready to face the world again.

All welcome and make sure you have all supports you need to make yourself comfortable—cushions, light blanket and light scarf for your eyes.

When: Tuesday 7 July at 10 am
Where: Online, via Livestream
Instructor: Lynnette Dickinson, Splendour Yoga
Online linkfacebook.com

Gentle Dru Yoga

Energy and Balance

Gentle Dru Yoga is a gentle class to get the energy moving in your body and bring balance into your emotions.

This class hosted by Splendour Yoga is suitable for beginners, people with mobility issues and anyone wanting to find stillness in movement.

There will be no floor work and the class can be done in a chair.

When: Friday 10 July at 10 am
Instructor: Lynnette Dickinson, Splendour Yoga
Online link: facebook.com


Are you a fitness provider interested in joining the Keep ACTIVE movement?

We’re calling for expressions of interest from those interested in running free virtual or COVID-safe in-person fitness sessions over the next couple of months.

These classes do need to be free for participants, but they offer host businesses a chance to build their community during a time when we’re all looking for connection, and a no-cost form of promotion when you’re kickstarting activity again.

We’ll promote your classes to our readers (there are around 150,000 of them!) and you’ll be playing a valuable role in keeping Canberra bodies and minds healthy.

Simply fill in the Google form below and we’ll do the rest! Still have questions? Simply email hello@hercanberra.com.au.

We can do this, together.

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