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Hello, Clubbercise: Clubbing gets a gym-friendly makeover

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A few weeks ago we wrote about Brunchercize. Well, now meet Clubbercise, the new dance class that will see you busting a move like it’s 1999—without the hangover.

There are few certainties of getting older. A caffeine dependence, phantom lower back pain—and growing out of clubbing.

Of course, we all still love to hit the dancefloor at a wedding or special occasion, but for many of us, our days of pushing through sweaty crowds to the bar only to race back after a couple of Jaegerbombs *shudder* are long gone.

But if you miss that intoxicating mixture of thumping bass, glow sticks and dancing—we have some good news.

This Friday, Fernwood Fitness Woden will unveil their newest class, Clubbercise—and it’s exactly what you’d expect.

Taking place in a darkened fitness studio lit with disco lights, Clubbercise is a group fitness class set to dance music spanning the 90s until now. That’s right—expect Britney, Christina and old school RnB while you whirl glow sticks around.

For Louise Hurst, Group Fitness Manager at Fernwood Fitness Woden, Clubbercise was a unique offering she knew members would love.

“We are always on the lookout for new classes to keep our members engaged,” she says.

After being shown a Clubbercise video by Fernwood’s Head Office, Fernwood Woden was lucky to have instructors who were keen to learn the moves. As Louise puts it, “it looked like a hell of a lot of fun”.

But those picturing complex Britney-esque dance routines shouldn’t be scared.

“It’s not just dancing—it’s very easy to follow and a great cardio workout,” says Louise. “The routines are very easy and there are high and low-impact options.”

“It’s for all fitness levels, all ages, perfect for people who want a safer environment to dance and have fun in.”

Clubbercise launched in the UK in 2017 and there are now 2000+ classes taught worldwide. While this Friday’s class is just for Fernwood Woden members, Louise says the club plans to have multiple Clubbercise classes each week.

Find out more about Clubbercise at fernwoodfitness.com.au/clubs/woden

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